Monday, February 2, 2009

What a NIGHT!!!!!

Last night, I was fortunate enough to have a girl night during the Superbowl!!!
I have no interest in football...what so eva!!!
I think if I understood it, it would be a different story!
You would never know that I dated the star football player all through HS because I'm CLUELESS!!!
So, Brandy and I took Denise to Olive Garden and the movies for her BIRTHDAY!!!
The birthday girl blowing out her cheap dessert!!! HA!
This was the birthday girls dessert!
A cup full of Andes mints!
What? No cheesecake? No brownie?
Can we say.....RECESSION?????
After dinner, we went to see Bride Wars! Have you seen it?
Very cute movie!
Great chick flick to watch during the Superbowl!
Our favorite line in the movie was when Kate Hudson's fiance called her a....
tall, attractive, hot SMURF!!!
I don't know why we thought this was so funny....BUT, it was!!!
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!
Good thing we had the theater to ourselves!
10:30 ~ We arrive home safely from College Station.
11:15 ~ Climb into bed. It's thundering and lightening! My favorite kind of sleeping weather!
I LOVE stormy nights!
12:00 ~ Phone rings and my lineman husband gets called out into the storm.
12:00 ~ 3:00 Lots of wind, rain, hail, lightening, THUNDERING and more wind!!!
(No sleeping through this storm!)
3:00 ~ Husband comes back to bed!
3:15 ~ Peyton pees in the bed.
3:30 ~ Get Peyton back in bed.
3:35 ~ Back to bed for me.
4:00 ~ Peyton comes to my side of the bed and says, "Mom, I'm going to turn my light on and play quietly. Is that OK?" My response, "NO!!! It's nighttime! Go back to bed!"
4:15 ~ Peyton is singing and having a party!
4:30 ~ Peyton is talking to his animals! (You've gotta be kidding me!)
5:30 ~ Peyton comes back in to ask if he can get up and play quietly!!! "I DON'T CARE....JUST LET ME SLEEP FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!"
5:40 ~ Alarm clock goes off for Auburn.
6:00 ~ Auburn leaves for work!
6:15 ish ~ I fall asleep!
6:40 ~ Alarm!!! Time to wake up!
Happy flippin Monday morning!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

love kiss the boys

Sandel said...

I am so glad that you were able to have a hearty laugh before you lost your mind :) Sorry you had a rough night. Hope tonight is much better.

Erica said...

Oh my you had an interesting night! Denise I LOVE your new do!! Super cute!

The Three of Us said...

good lord sister! hope you sleep tonight. as a matter of fact i will pray that you do just that. sounds like thelma and louise had another eventful day.

Lacy said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Yall look so cute! Boy Im not envious of your night Carrie. Hope right now your sleeping better. I was so scared of that dumb storm! Sorry the storm came in other forms too.

Brandy said...

I had a great time! What a night! I had lots of lightening too, but not a drop of rain. I had my Monday this morning (Tuesday) On my last week of work, I had to call in late this morning, I had a flat tire!