Monday, February 23, 2009

Another thing around here BITES the dust......

My Oreck vacuum cleaner that I've had for 12 years.....DIED!!!!
I don't have 500 bucks for another Oreck!!!!
(I need to have another wedding shower. Will yall come bearing gifts? Like vacuums?)
What's a girl to do?
Don't drop by for a visit...we are dirty people right now!


ko said...

your killing me! That is hilarious! LOOK on EBAY! I bet you could find one there!!!!!!

Anonymous said... dad

missy said...

I love my Oreck too - I'm sorry, I'll send flowers to the funeral!

The 5 of Us said...

I can't believe you don't have some extras in storage with all the ones you got at your shower. Also, side note,I'm thankful for your blog. I had printed a recipe from crockpot craziness and it was thrown away so when I went to make it this morning I went on your site. Thanks so much! Love ya.