Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weight Watchers....Blah...Blah...Blah!!!!

OK people....back to Weight Watchers I go!!!
This is soooooo depressing! I can't believe I'm having to go back!
Back in 2004, after I had Peyton I joined WW and had great success! I lost 28 pnds. and kept it off for 2 yrs. I'm not sure what has happened the past 2 yrs. Half of my weight has slowly crept back on!
You would never know that my skinny little butt was a size 0 in high school! I had to buy little girl kidding! (Yes, I wore Rockies back in the day! I had every color!) What happened?
So, Monday night I went and bought my last 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip
icecream and it's all gone! I savored every bite! I've been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!
Once I join...I'm serious!!!
That means no firey hot Cheetos!!!
I'm going to have withdrawals!!!
I usually pout for the first 2 wks. and then I'm good!!!
So...bear with me!
Off to my first meeting and to weigh in!!


Lacie said...

well... Carrie, I need to go with you! WW works, if you stick to it! Don't get so upset about the ice cream though, WW has a wonderful new GIANT Ice Cream Fudge Bar for only 1 point... they have a latte flavor too! They are YUMM-O!

Lacy said...

You'll do awesome...just like last time!!!!!

The Three of Us said...

you can do it! come on girl, do a 5K with me. pretty please! it would be so much fun. don't say no yet. do the WW for awhile and then think about it okay!?!?! love ya!

Sandel said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture, I am going to use that as your Birthday post. Well just as a warning, I am evil when I am on WW so get ready. When I am fat I am happy, go figure.

Hayley and Nathan said...

Tagged you! check out my blog for details!

Hayley and Nathan said...

Hey that pic looks familiar! I think I have one of myself doing the same thing, and I wonder why my butt is so big!

The Three of Us said...

Hey Carrie, I met a new neighbor tonight and he works for McCormick Seasoning. They make the seasoning for the firey hot cheetos. he said that the workers that make it have to where special safety gear because the seasoning is so potent in the pre cheeto form. Moral of the story you probably shouldn't eat those anyway. Later, Jeff