Monday, February 9, 2009

The Days of the South....

This weekend we took the boys to the Civil War reenactment in town.
We had a great history lesson!
(Actually, I learned that I do NOT know that much about the Civil War! I wasn't very good in History!)
I felt like I was visiting one of my favorite scenes in Sweet Home Alabama!
This man was cookin up something good. He didn't invite us to stay for dinner...he barely said "Hello." Old fart!
We visited with a man who had a really big gun! He was VERY friendly and VERY talkative!
We learned ALL about ammunition and gun powder and sharp things that you attach to the end of the gun. You know, boy stuff!!! Blook, guts and killin!
I found myself shopping for a new outfit!
What do you think of my bonnet?
I knew that you would just LOVE it!!!
Off to find me a dress now!
Do you think one of these will do?

The canons have been shaking our house for 3 days now!

This woman was washing dishes in a pan.
Could you imagine really living like this?

We watched a blacksmith make some tools! This was very interesting!

We watched drunk men clean their gun and sing a little song!

And they all road off into the sunset!
It really was a beautiful day!


Erica said...

Well yee-haw! You look super hot in that bonnet girl, work it!

ko said...

wow! Looks like fun! :) I love you bonnet! TO FUNNY!

MamaBird said...

I KNEW it was you in that dress in the pic Denise posted! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Glad yall got to again, what did patotn say about the pa pa

Dummy said...
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