Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday night and BINGO!

Last Friday night, my sweet girlfriends kidnapped me and we went to play some BINGO!
They said they were tired of me moping around!
We don't have a bingo hall here in our little town.
It was a 4H fundraiser at the fairgrounds!
Yes, at the fairgrounds!
It was fun!
If you were sitting by had to be completely quiet!
You know me...I can't do two things at once!
Serious bingo players had to get their glasses on! hehehe!

(I look like crap...remember they kidnapped me...literally!)
We get excited about new things in town!
I think we may need a bingo hall!
Get your dobbers ready!

It was NOT my lucky night!
I needed I30!!! I seriously wanted to hurt that man who yelled....BINGO!!!
Oh well....It was nice getting away for awhile!


Lacy said...

I wish I was there....we couldnt go and I so love Bingo! Looks like it did you some good!

Erica said...

Oh man that looks fun, I have never played bingo before!