Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September+Apples+Teachers = Fresh Apple Cake

These beautiful Fall days always get me in the mood for baking! So, today I decided to bake for the teachers in our lives! Just a little token of our appreciation! Oh...I wish you could smell my house!
I've used this recipe for years! Enjoy!

Go on... share the love!
Thank the teachers in your children's lives!
A little bribing never hurts!
I may have 12 more years of bribing to do!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tip of the day....

Did you know that there are many uses for a piece of bread...other than eating it?
If you ever OVERCOOK your cookies or bread....all you have to do is put them in a Ziplock bag with a piece of bread and let it sit overnight!!! It's magic! Your cookies or bread will turn soft and moist again! I LOVE my cookies and bread VERY SOFT! I hate it when I overcook them and they are not just right!
Now girls...if you OVERCOOKED your cookies or bread and they are black and hard as a ROCK....this will NOT work! This will only work if they are crispy!
You MUST try this!!!! It's amazing!
Auburn's sweet Mom taught me this trick! She is a genius in the kitchen! I guess she had lots of practice cooking for 5 kiddos!!!
Thanks Mamma Rose!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One happy boy!!!

Look what Mr. Garet has to show you! He's soooo happy and confident!

OK...I know that it is only the fourth week of school, but it's already progress report time!!! Would you look at these grades??? Woo~Hoo!!!! At this point and time...I have absolutely NO regrets about holding Garet back this year!!! I know that it's early yet, but it sure feels good to have a GOOD start!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Dinner Anyone????

Someone please tell me to get off my behind and go grocery shopping!!!
Oh Boy... What a job that will be!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike coverage!!!

We are all OK and I have clean panties!!!!
We survived!!!! We have been camping for afew days, but we are all OK!!! It was bad, but it could've been a lot worse! We have some roof damage, cables torn off the house, gutters hanging on....BUT nothing BIG!!!! We have been so fortunate! God is so good! We have been without electricity for four days, but it came back on yesterday! God gave us BAD weather and then gave us gorgeous weather!
My sweet little house with my BIG beautiful, old trees!!!! They made it! We totally prepared for our trees to come crashing through our house!
It kinda looked like we gave all of our trees a haircut! We really had a mess! You can't really tell the extent of it! Garet and I have raked for three days! My limbs feel like they are about to fall off!!!
Around town you saw THAT....
lots of THIS...
and THAT...
and THIS!!! WOW!!! We have a mess to clean up!

This was a beautiful site!!! Convoys of power trucks coming down our street! Woo~Hoo!!!

Although this week we had no TV, no computer, no telephones, little food...it was a good week! We visited with friends and neighbors...

...helping one another...

...roasting wienies....

And making smores!

I don't know what Denise and I were celebrating! I guess that we survived! Here's to your friendship Nise! Love ya!

We went through this line for ice and water several times! What a blessing! Garet worked this truck tonight! Time to give back! (I didn't get a pic! Darnit!_

It was a little scary when my supplies started running out! No bread, no milk, no gas!!!

We have been reading by candlelight at night! One night I was pretending I was Laura on Little House on the Prairie and almost set my curtains on fire! I don't think I would make a good pioneer woman!

These amazing men from Oklahoma are serving our community right now! I'm going to post on them tomorrow! Thank you Baptist Men of Oklahoma! God bless you!

After our power was restored and there were so many people still in need...I decided to put my makeup on and go help! Deeana and I worked the drink station! Would you like water, tea, grape koolaid or orange koolaid? Notice Dee had her cute hat, but she forgot to tell me...so I go a hairnet!!!! Thanks Dee!

The serving line!!!!

This is where we served hot meals tonight! This is just one of 5 (I believe) hot meals stations around our community. They are serving free hot meals to anyone in need two times a day! Awesome!
This made my heart smile! Not only do people need food and water....people need the Lord! They need prayer!

Like my hairnet? Do I make a sexy cafeteria lady?

In all seriousness....

YES, I have clean panties and my legs are finally shaved...BUT...

My heart goes out to those who are lonely and in the dark tonight! For those who are hungry! For those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost their homes and their belongings! Pray for all of those linemen out there working around the clock to restore electricity! My husband has worked 18 days straight...he is tired and weary!

As I sat in the dark this week, I thought about this verse...

"God is light, in him there is no darkness at all." 1John 1:5

If you are hurting and in the dark....God wants to be your light!

Love ya!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Lineman Husband....Gustov 2008~

Auburn just returned from La. It's kinda funny when your husband wants his pictures on the family blog! The guys had to raise their buckets at night so that no one would steal anything! That's sad!
The guys found all of these main poles DOWN! They were not on the coast. They were about 100 miles inland!

What goes up, must come down!

Row, Row, Row your boat ... pickin up some line!!! I know you probably can't tell what this pic is, but the guys are in a boat picking up down lines! PS...SNAKES everywhere!

Job complete! Three days worth of work!

"Man, I'm pooped!"

This is what La. thinks of Entergy!

The boys had three blowouts on the way home! I think someone jacked with their tires....maybe Entergy! Glad you guys are home and safe! Better get rested up for Ike!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Call me crazy... I don't care!

Take a hike Ike!
My husband has been in Baton Rouge, La. for over a week now repairing electricity after Hurricane Gustov. He is on his way home to report in for Hurricane Ike! Actually, he's sitting on the side of the road with two blown tires! We may see him before midnight! He says he is so tired of being around foolish people this week. Foolish people that could've prevented shelters this week or having to depend on others for food and water. Moms roaming the streets with their kids with no food or water! He asked me to do afew things to prepare and I did! So, I went to Walmart and bought all of this....

and added it to this....


If nothing happens...great!!! I have a stocked pantry! If Ike comes our way...I can feed my family for a week or so! I didn't buy anything crazy and my family will eat it the next few weeks regardless!

Got Old Smokey out and located charcoal and lighter fluid!

I've located our radios, all of our flashlights, candles and lantern.

I have my new BS, my new magazine and my new book! I've also borrowed a Gooseberry Patch cookbook from a friend!

and we've got our Netflix movies and Candyland!

We are set!

Do you think I forgot anything? Any suggestions? I still have to put gas in cars and gas cans, put important papers and insurance info. in fireproof box, download pictures onto a zip drive and bring batteries home from work tomorrow!

I've read Psalms 91! I'm not fearful...just prepared! I'm lookin forward to a nice, cozy, rainy weekend!

Bring it on Ike.... We are READY!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



I'm having a crisis! Does anyone out there care?

I just went and ordered my blackberrry tea at Sonic and the lady informed me that they don't have it anymore!!!!! It's seasonal!!!

Excuse me! Come again! I didn't hear you correctly!

"This can not be happening!"

My head dropped. My mouth fell open and my eyes got a little watery! Just a little!

I'm having withdrawls now! I think Sonic should have to warn us addicts so that we can wean ourselves off ! Cold turkey is hard!

Peyton didn't get any cherries in his cherry limeade! What will we do? We may have to boycott Sonic.....for awhile!

What will my new favorite be now? Any suggestions?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Watching Ike....

Mr. Ike heads to The Gulf.... are you prepared?

Since my husband's job sends him out into these horrible storms to repair electricity... we are watching The Gulf closely this week! Watching, waiting and preparing!

Afew weeks ago, I visited one of my favorite blogs....The Homespun Heart and was motivated to be a better PREPARER. Not to wait until you are in a crisis to prepare! It is our job as mothers and wives to prepare and keep our home stocked and ready! Please go visit Monica and read her Aug. 19th post! (I don't know how to link directly!) You won't be sorry! She will bless your socks off! She's one of my best friends...she just doesn't know it!