Friday, October 31, 2008


How do you know if a VAMPIRE has a COLD?
By his "COFFIN"!
What does one casket say to the other casket?
Is that you "COUGHING"!?
What did the TRICK OR TREAT bucket say to the candy?
Well, HELLO sweet thing!
What is a ghost's favorite fruit?
I'm lovin these Laffy Taffy candies!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buzz Lightyear to the RESCUE!!!

Peyton and I decorated a pumpkin this year for the pumpkin decorating contest!
We didn't place, but we sure had fun creating our bat!
There was some crazy competition!
Peyton had his heart set on being Buzz Lightyear this year! Isn't he cute?

Garet was also Buzz when he was four. He had the little one piece outfit from WalMart...we didn't have Ebay back then! Well, I ordered Peyton's Buzz outfit because Garet's is slightly wore out! When we received Peyton's package in the mail...we were all surprised. This outfit is the real deal. Detachable wings...goggles that light up...boot covers...hand covers!!!! You name's got it!

Garet mumbled, "Boy, things have changed in 8 years!"

Face painting with Mrs. Lindsey! Cooper is Peyton's BUD!
There was also bubble blowing, fishing, a pinata, apple decorating, pie eating contest, a jump castle and pin the nose on the pumpkin! What a FUN time!
Makeup for the pretty girls!

Emma, you make such a beautiful bride!
Maybe I can hook you up in about twenty years!
(At this camera went DEAD! Hate it when that happens.)
Happy Halloween everyone! Have a FUN weekend!

Trick Or Treat...Bunco Style!!!

Trick or treat...smell my feet...give me something good eat!!!
It's bunco time!!!
We always love October bunco ~ annual costume party!
Kinda makes us feel like kids again!
Would you like some mustard or ketchup?
(Costumes courtesy of my brother, Coy and Stephanie...thanks guys! XOXO!)
Trailer Trash Erica ~ Peacock Ashely ~ Pirate Lindsey

Betty Crocker showed up, yummy cookies and all!

Jana said, " This is as HALLO~WEENIE as I get!" So, she was our WEENIE!

Maxine smoked a pack of cigarettes in one night!

YO! YO! Stephanie obviously made her appearance at the wrong PARTY! She came in with RAP music blaring on her cellphone...doing a little dance with her jeans at her knees! She scared me a little...I thought she stopped off at the tattoo parlor!
It looked as if she had too much to drink as well!
The BLING~BLING in her NOSE blinded me all night!
Maybe we need to get her to the school counselor!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MP3 Morning!

On a normal morning around our house you would hear 2 boys chasing each other through the house screaming, hollering, laughing and occasionally killing each other! One morning last week I noticed peace and quiet and singing like angels and this is what I MP3 player plugged into their ears! One MP3 player plugged into 2 different ears on 2 different little boys!
We may have to bust out the MP3 player more often!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Infinite Grace ~ WOF 2008

Where have I been?
Well, where do I start?
I have been GOING NON STOP for about 11 days straight and I'm near POOPED!!!
We've had ER visits, sick kids, packed and moved my mom, church, work, 4h meetings, fishing club, cooking club, bunco, meetings, meetings and more meetings!!! BUT, I still managed to go to Houston this past weekend...
to the Toyota Center...
for the WOF 2008 conference!!!
We learned of God's infinite GRACE!!!!
You know me...I never want to miss out on a GOOD TIME!!!
It felt like the speakers were speaking straight to me!
My favorite saying...
Through what you can do and trust God with the rest!
We drank lots of coffee....not Jack Daniels!!!

We laughed....

and laughed some more!

We slept!

We cried!!!

We rocked the house with Mandeesa, Nicole C. Mullen and Sandie Patty!!!!

On the way home, we stopped and ate at Joe's Crab Shack! We celebrated PC's b-day. I have never seen this girl embarrassed, but she turned 50 shades of red when we made her do THIS!!!
The fun weekend ended with PC writing her name with her BOOTY!!!
What a FUN ending!
God is GOOD!!!!

Saying Good~Bye is hard to do....

Saying Good~Bye to Derby Ln. and life as I have known it for 34 years.
It's a sad day for me!
Trusting God through all of the changes taking place in my family.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm informed!!!

If you are not into decorating and's a little funny story for you!
(You know who you are!)
My youngest son recently informed me that his "thingy" swings back and forth when he brushes his teeth without underwear! He was very serious and demonstrated for me afew times!
He acts just like his daddy!
Kids are so entertaining!
Have a super weekend!

Calling ALL interior decorators....

I need your help! I don't care who you are! Please help me FINISH this project! I know that some of my dear friends have given me some advice, but I need you to hold my hand and walk me through this! I took my shower curtain to JoAnn Fabric's and left crying and empty handed!!! I was sooo overwhelmed!!! I'm not good with fabric!!!! I need all of my fantastic, fabulous, funky fabric friends!!! This is my new paint color! Thanks Mr. Dale Dean!
This is my new shower curtain! (When I say NEW...I mean 3 months! Pathetic, I know) Your suppose to be helping me, not judging me!

This is my cute new lamp and my new counter top. My plan is to frame my huge mirror with a pretty dark frame.

This is my funky window. I will be taking my fabulous fabric to the ceiling to make my funky window look normal! (Ooops...excuse the Lysol can! Hey...I've had a child puking...give me a break!)

Can you believe I've lived for 3 months with an unfinished bathroom!Encourage me!!! Please help me finish!!! I'm on my knees and begging!
This is where my cute cafe curtain hangs with the cute fabric.
Can you picture it?The open space on the right is a door that needs to be hung! I need to buy more hinges!
So, do I need another patterned fabric?
Do I need a solid fabric?
Do I need a textured fabric?
Where do you buy your fabric?
Do you have a favorite fabric store or do you shop online?
I'll be going to the BIG city again this weekend and I'm going to attempt this again!
Please help a sista out!
Pretty please with cherries on top!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a week.....

WOW...after a very crazy, hectic, not so fun's been a very busy, crazy, fun weekend!
Spaghetti makin, paint parties and baby showers! Time to catch you up!
Look who decided to show up at the baby shower...Miss Dorothy Rose! She spent three days in the hospital this week and now she seems fine. I told yall she was CRAZY! She will be going for a follow up visit with her Dr. to discuss test results soon!
Thanks for your concern and prayers!
We will be welcoming our newest member into the family next month!
Cullen Rose!
OK... I have seen it all!!! This cracked me up!!! I have two boys and one is only 4, but they didn't have these 4 yrs. ago! A TeePee for your PeePee!!!!! Woo~Hoo!!!! Have you seen these? Seriously, what will they think of next?

Miss Artsy Fartsy!!!

My first masterpiece!
My talented friend, Teresa, had her first paint class! She taught us how to paint a fall painting and they all turned out soooo cute!
Crazy girls!!! I think yall need to say "CHEEEEZZZZ!"
Teresa is so talented! Look at the bats full of candy at each place....
And her cute ghosts that she made!!!

Our sweet teacher...Mrs. Teresa. Teresa is a second grade teacher and she treated us like we were her little kids. She even allowed us to have snacks while our paintings were drying! She cracks me up! I had a great time! Thanks Teresa!

The "special" table! (They were a little slow!)

Our finished projects!!! Aren't they CUTE?

Ohhhh Jane....

GrandJane...Look what I learned how to do!!!! Don't worry...Denise hid the recipe from me! She just taught me the BASICS!!! Folks, the recipe is top family secret!
My friend, Denise, taught me how to make homemade spaghetti sauce! I cook all the time, but I never made homemade sauce! So, we made a bunch! It was fun, very good and very economical! We made enough to freeze up for several meals!

I LOVE learning new things from my friends!
This is one HONKIN can of tomato sauce!
(Peyton was our photographer! )
So, how about you? Do you make homemade sauce? Are you freezin up things for the Great Depression? Yikes!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update on Dororthy...

I'm so sorry...another serious blah post! For those of you who pop in for entertainment and fun...I'm not feeling very fun, happy, jolly and entertaining these days. BUT, it will get better! It MUST!!! Tues. my mom in law, Dorothy, was rushed to the hospital. When she got to the hospital, they did blood work and a CAT scan and admitted her. Auburn had hospital duty and I had throw up duty! She was very disoriented and loopy. They would ask her what year it was and she would reply..."Green". They said that she had signs of a mild stroke or the onsets of another seizure. They kept her for monitoring. Yesterday, she was better! Still crazy, but not as crazy as the day before! Love ya MOM...she is CRAZY!!! They did other tests yesterday. They did an MRI of her brain and it is showing "something mild" that wasn't there 60 days ago. The doctors never came back around yesterday to read her another night in the hospital. Today we hope and pray we will know the test results. Pray for her. Those of you who have been around and know her medical history know what she has been through and we really don't need anything "mild". Period!
I'm sorry that I can't return all of my phone calls right now, but I wanted to update for those of you who have taken time to call or stop by!!! Thank you!! I have been a little busy with a sick little boy, but we are trying to get back to normal today! I'm off to work for afew hours! I love you all so much and I'm soooo grateful for the wonderful friends that I have in my life! XOXO!!!!
Seriously pray that this CRAP doesn't go through my whole house! Lord, please spare us! I'll update again when I know more!
Blessings to you!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My BAD day just got worse!!!

OK... So, what am I doing up at 12:30 in the morning?
Yeah...that's right...12:30.
My bedtime is later than 10:00.
Oh, I'm washing towels, rags, blankets, sleeping bags!
Cleaning up puke and giving a sick little boy a bath!
Anyone else up right now?
We could chat!
I'm loosing it people!!!!!


Lisa, Cole and Canon visited this week! We played and played and played some more! We played cars, tractors, trucks, went to the park, played chase, rode the golfcart for hours! We shot afew deer, played with the bow and arrow, played ball, had afew wrestling matches and picked our nose! shopping, makeup, barbies, dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, bows or coloring here!
None! It's always fun to watch the boys play and do some cetching up!
(Auburn just came in and reminded prom dresses, no wedding dresses, no tampons, no midol! OK...I'm better!)