Monday, December 29, 2008

Chritmas Fun ~ 2008

It was nice having Grandma with us for the afternoon! I think she seemed to enjoy herself!
Don't worry! We took her home before the gambling, drinking and acting like a sailor started!
My two little angels!!!! JK
They were waiting patiently to open all of those presents!
We gambled...a little! Don't judge us!

and we learned a new card game!!!
Macy and Laschel hanging out in the kitchen, but I think they were cleaning...not eating AGAIN!!!
My brother introduced us to washers! Ever played? It's a lot of FUN!!!

We loved playing washers!!!!
A new hat? New glasses? A new nose?
Maybe I should have asked Santa for a tummy tuck or new boobs!!!
Is it just me or does it look more like Halloween instead of Christmas?
We survived Christmas!
Inspite of having sick kids, being high on medicine myself and not being together as a family for the first time...we had a fun weekend!
Yes, I caugh Peyton's sickness AND his pink~eye!
It's LOVELY!!!!
Just trying to wash, unpack, recooperate and find a place in this little house for all of our Christmas treasures!!!!

Christmas ~ ROSE style!!!

We were able to spend some time with Auburn's family! Although our time always seems so rushed...we love and enjoy every minute of it!
Look at this handsome little guy!
Baby Cullen is the newest member of the family and he is PRECIOUS!!!!
Excuse me!!! What did we do before cellphones? I turned around and all three of these geeks were playing on their cellphones! Do you remember what your life was like pre~cellphones?
Dorothy and her boys....miss you Matt and Carnell!
Auburn's little brother, Aaron, became a daddy last month! This is soooo weird to me! He seems so different! So grown up! So mature! It was precious to watch him with baby Cullen!
Parenthood really does change you....forever!!!!
Grammy with some of her babies!

The JOYS of Christmas morning!

Santa and his elf worked until the weeeeee hours of the morning preparing for our Christmas surprise!!!! Thanks LuLu!!!! What would we do without you? XOXO!!!
Garet is 11 and still LOVES to see what Santa has brought him!
Oh yeah!!!
A letter from Santa? Look outside, huh?
I love big surprises on Christmas morning! What JOY!

Mom and Grandma McCoy drove up for afew hours on Christmas day! Mom couldn't miss out on the trampoline fun! Grandma watched from the window and was so worried about mom messing her hair up! Hair? I was a little worried about her breaking something, but her hair?

My brother, Coy, was a little upset with me for "letting" Mom jump on the trampoline!
Hello? She's my mom and she has a mind of her own!
Children don't tell their mother what to they?
This is what happens when Santa falls asleep too early on Christmas morning!
We hope your Christmas was merry, bright, fun, exciting, full of surprises and restful!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We have pink~eye in both eyes, an upper~respiratory infection and we are truly slinging green snot EVERYWHERE!!!!
Peyton was pathetic! The Dr. left the room and Peyton had alligator tears. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "The Dr. said to wash my eyes out with shampoo 4 times a day! I don't want shampoo in my will hurt!"
Does anyone want to spend the holidays with US????
We will all have red eyes and green snot! Red and green for CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Christmas time!

One of my blog friends, Brandy , shared some of her favorite things about Christmas! I thought it was a great idea and joined her! This year I added my lighted garland and I love it! I love the feeling I get when I walk in my back door!
I love Christmas ornaments!!! I love collecting them from year to year! I really am a FREAK about my ornaments! I don't have a "theme" for our tree! We have a little of everything on our tree! When Garet was little we started the tradition of collecting an ornament each year and I really love the ones that are dated! We have quite a collection now! My hope is that this tradition will stay alive and be passed down from generation to generation! When my boys get married, I plan on giving them all of their Christmas ornaments from year to year!

We added this guy this year...
and this little guy! Isn't he cute? I love the feathers!
Auburn and I will be celebrating our 12 anniversary on Sunday. This was a wedding gift and it hangs on our tree every year!

Peyton's first Christmas...
and Garet's first Christmas!
Our 9~11 Christmas ball!
I LOVE my ornaments!
We love our annual call from Santa...aka Uncle Carnell! Auburn's brother, Carnell, calls every year pretending to be Santa! Thank you Uncle Carnell for making sweet memories with my boys!

I love my sweet, little nativity set that reminds us of the birth of Jesus Christ!
Gotta keep Christ in Christmas!

This Christmas bear has been around for about 20 yrs. now! A high school friend gave it to my mom, but it remains in my possession now! I love it! It reminds me of Christmases past!

I love cookbooks and I especially love Christmas cookbooks! A dear friend gave me this beautiful Gooseberry Patch Christmas cookbook! I love it and I love you Pam!
This is a special advent Christmas book that the Spangler family gave us years ago. I believe Shane made it when he was about Garet's he is a freshman at Baylor! I love to read the short stories to my boys on nights when there is nothing going on. HAHA!
Notice the beautiful gold package that my husband wrapped for my last night! Oh honey, you get an A for effort, BUT I think you may need a bow 101 class!!!

I made Christmas jelly for all of the teachers in our lives! I am so grateful for those who give their time to my boys! Thank you teachers!
My house is tiny! My Christmas tree is not big and fancy! Christmas to me is a feeling! It's making memories that will last! It's having special traditions with your children!
I love Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small Town Livin

Quote of the day....
The good thing about living in a small town: when you don't know what you are doing, someone else ALWAYS does!
So true!
Just saw this and wanted to share!
This little elf is busy...gotta get back to work!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yippy Skippy!!!!

I have an announcement....
Peyton and I just took our first drive through our new Taco Bell drive thru!!!! (SORRY!)
This is sooooo exciting!!!
Why am I so excited you might ask!
I'm excited because there isn't a Taco Bell within 40 miles of us!
In our little town we are limited to Sonic, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Jack in the Box, Texas Burger and chicken!!!
That's it!
We are steppin up!
You city folks take a LOT for granted!!!!
"Yo quiero Taco Bell."
I told the drive through girl that we were going to be BF's and she flashed me her gold tooth!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A very RANDOM post!!!

We enjoyed POL, BUT I'm soooooo glad we don't have to freeze our tooshes off tonight!
Baby, it's COLD OUTSIDE!!!
Actually, Saundra and I had a few secrets up our dresses!!!!

This weekend, my sister and her family came through town!
We got to visit quickly!
Canon has changed so much!
Look at those cheeks!!! They match mine!

I think I want to keep him!

My "little" brother's favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story!
When I saw this shirt...I couldn't resist!
I remember watching this movie EVERY year growing up!
Thanks Coy for keeping this memory alive!
You look sexy in your shirt!
Watching FOOTBALL!!

Grandma came for a quick visit!
We weren't exactly dressed for pictures! These boys had been playing hard!
They smelled like little boys too...poor Grandma!
Do little girls smell when they come in from playing outside?
I think that we can say that Jack has officially gone home! He completely bit the dust on Saturday! We could not believe that he hung around for four days! Now we are left with a BUNCH of leaves!
Anybody just like to rake for the fun of it? Anybody????
Off to complete my Christmas chores!!!