Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Well...tomorrow we are off to be river rats for the weekend! We are headed to the Frio ! Hope you and your family have a safe and happy long weekend! Can't wait to cetch up with you next week! Off to do more packing, laundry, baking, packing and more packing! Do you like to pack for trips?! It's absolutely exhausting! Can't wait to relax and float that river!
God give me work till my life shall end.
And life till my work is done!
~Epitaph of Winifred Holtby~
Please don't forget about my special 100 post drawing! Since I'm going on a last minute trip the drawing will take place Monday evening! So sorry! If you haven't left me a comment...hurry!!! It's not to late! I have some fun fall stuff up my sleeve! Good luck!

Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days...School Days...Good Old Golden Rule Days!

It's back to school time!!!!
Peyton is heading back to Two By Two preschool, aka Miss Connie's! Miss Connie is an amazing person and I'm so glad that she has been apart of both of my boy's lives! Garet went to this little preschool for three years when he was little and still asks to visit her! Love you Miss Connie!

We are going through all kinds of changes with Garet this year. Garet will be in 5th grd.... again! Not because he "failed", but because we are holding him back! Last year was such a struggle for all of us! Garet struggled academically and socially. With lots of prayer and thought, Auburn and I decided to do 5th grade again! Garet has always made decent grades, not failing. Just getting by and working really hard just to get by! This decision was fairly easy! We have total peace about our decision! I know that there are all kinds of opinions out there about this, but we really feel that we have done what is best for Garet in the long run! Garet's b-day is June 28. So, now he will be with kids more his age and we want for him to be ON TOP!!!! He seems really excited about these new beginnings! We have two great teachers....Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Caballero!

Awww!!!! My big 5th grader isn't to big to give his Mama a kiss! (Please excuse my double chin! Weight Watchers here I come!)
Don't forget to sign up for my special 100 post drawing! I'm going to do a cute fall package!The drawing will take place Aug. 30! Good Luck!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My 100th POST!!!!! Let's celebrate!!!

Wow!!!! That's right! It's my 100th post! I started this blogging thing back in Dec. 2007. My sweet sister, Lisa, introduced me to it. I had NEVER heard the word blog before! I would introduce you to my sister, but her profile is private! Probably smart, but it's so much more fun livin on the wild side! I did NOT want to do this bloggin thing at all, but I really enjoyed keeping up with my far away family! It's a great way to keep intouch! Here we are 8 months later and I'm addicted! Is there BA for blogger anonymous? I LOVE seeing how others live their lives. I've met some FUN, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, WISE, WONDERFUL people! (I'll post more about these people this week!) So, for my 100th post here is 100 things about me......

1. I've been married for 11 years.
2. I have 2 boys.
3. I live in a small Texas town.
4. I graduated in 1992.
5. I was a dental assistant for 6 yrs. ~ Loved dentistry! Would like to go back someday!
6. I'm a SAHM! (kinda!)
7. I work 2 days a week doing accounting/paperwork for an oilfield supply co.
8. Favorite color is red.
9. Birthday is June 3.
10. I'm the oldest of 3 children.
11. brother ~ Coy
12. sister ~ Lisa
13. I love fall!
14. I love Orbit Sangria gum.
15. Love to cook!
16. Love to bake!
17. I'm a germ freak...Germex is my best friend!
18. I've pulled the gas pump out of the tank before!
19. I teach 7th & 8th grade girls SS. I'm not a great teacher...I like to lead!
20. Bunco night is my favorite night of the month!
21. Love Sundays.
22. Love Sunday afternoon naps!
22. I enjoy a good sermon!
23. I'm a sensitive person!
24. I'm very outgoing!
25. I'm a people pleaser!
26. I LOVE to have a good time!
27. I have blue eyes!
28. Mexican food is my favorite!
29. I love mint chocolate chip icecream!
30. I'm addicted to blogging!
31. I like to grocery shop!
32. I miss someone terribly right now!
33. I like to read ~ when I have time!
34. I'm kind of a drama queen! Sorta!
35. I was chased by a dead, bloated turtle Friday at the park!
36. I like going to the park.
37. Bowling on the WII is the best!
38. I like for things to be tidy!
39. Love to have a clean house!
40. Love to burn candles!
41. I've been blessed with lots of friends!
42. Love meeting new people.
43. Love Beth Moore!
44. I enjoy being involved in women's ministry!
45. Went on my first cruise this year! Had a grand time!
46. I sell MarkKay cosmetics!
47. I have 4 nieces and 5 nephews... soon to be 6 nephews.
48. I hate exercise!
49. My husband ran the Houston marathon last year.
50. I'm a girly girl!
51. I enjoy arts n crafts!
52. I'm working on managing my time better!
53. Love to play chickenfoot.
54. I really like to play candyland with Peyton.
55. I tend to start projects and not finish them if they get hard. I'm working on several
unfinished projects!
56. I love old houses!
57. I really love all things old. ~ old photos, old quilts, old kitchen utensils, antiques.
58. I like to cook in my crockpot.
59. love to watch movies.
60. There's nothing like coffee, good creamer and good friends!
61. I like to scrapbook, but never have time! I'm working on this!
62. My nickname is boog ~ like booger. Don't ask!
63. I love perky pimiento cheese sandwich's from Pecan Grove.
64. Sonic blackberry tea is something else I'm addicted to right now.
65. Me and a good friend, Jana, are starting a food and science club. (Cooking class)Part of 4H.
66. Genealogy is something I'm interested in.
67. I like jewelry.
68. Canton, Tx. is great to visit!
69. I hate to paint! I'm not good at it!
70. I hate doing 5th grade homework!
71. I'm afraid of heights.
72. I'm afraid of loosing my loved ones!
73. Snowcones are great!
74. Cancer is a scary thing!
75. I love my boys big, brown eyes!
76. I like to do laundry.
77. I'm NOT a morning person, but I WANT to be! I'm working on this too!
78. I'm a backseat driver! I hate how my husband drives!
79. I just got my first speeding ticket in 12 years! I'm a granny driver now!
80. My car is not clean.
81. I like to do yard work!
82. I have naturally CURLY hair!
83. I'm enjoying having short, straight hair at this point in my life!
84. I need to loose 10 pnds. Weight Watchers here I come...again! Seriously!
85. I can't sing, but I love to sing!
86. I'm blind!
87. I'm starting to get grey hair!
88. No tatoos on me. My husband has enough for both of us! Looks like he just broke out of
89. I love volunteering. At church and school! Like to be involved!
90. I met my husband in a bar! Don't tell anyone!
91. This baptist girl likes to dance!
92. I'm content!
93. I wish there was more time in each day!
94. I'm sorta scatter brained! I have a lot on my mind these days! I hate feeling this way, but
it's true! Maybe I need drugs!
95. I take vitamins faithfully!
96. I HATE going to the female Dr. HATE IT!!!! HATE IT!!!! HATE IT!!!!
97. I love my mom!
98. I love bubble baths!
99. I worry a lot! I'm better than I used to be, but there is still room for improvement!
100. I want to be more knowledgeable in God's word! I want to be a WISE WOMAN someday!

So...are you bored out of your mind? Well, I hope not! Now comes the FUN PART!!!! Leave a comment telling my something about yourself! If I know you, leave a comment about something I DON'T know about you already! There will be a drawing on Aug. 30 and everyone's name ON THIS POST will be entered! I LOVE BLOGGING! Yippeee for 100 posts! Good Luck!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Look what WII got!!!

This summer Garet started really asking for a WII. I said NO, NO and HECK NO! You are crazy! We are NOT spending that kind of money on a game system! My kids do not have everything new that comes out! It takes us awhile to catch up with the electronic world, but we are OK with that! Garet's first Nintendo was bought from a friend! He was 5 or 6 and it was fine for him! He didn't know any better! Two years ago, we bought a Gamecube. This was the worst buy for us because they really don't make new games for Gamecubes anymore! Bad buy for us! Well, this summer Garet saved all of his money and earned enough for a WII. He saved all of his birthday money. He gets up with Auburn on Saturday mornings and mows the yard. He vacumed a lot for Mimi and really is a great helper! So, I let him spend ALL of his money! Every last bit! The money was burning a whole in his pocket! So, we headed to the big city!
First stop....Super WalMart!!!! He was so excited!!! We left with NO WII!!!

We traveled to big city Toys R Us...nada!

We traveled to big city Target....absolutely nothing!

FINALLY.... we get our WII. Right here in our little WalMart in our little town. No folks, we don't have a Super WalMart. We still have the old school WalMart. When I'm looking for something specific, they NEVER have it! When I go to the big city looking for it, it's right under our nose! Go figure! We are just happy we have it! Can you tell?

My boys created my "MII"! They gave her some BLING, BLING glasses!
Does she look like me?

Woo~Hoo!!! Friday night bowling at the Rose Alley! Now all we need are some disco lights!

OK peeps....I know I look like an idiot, but everytime I put my HOP into it ~ STRIKE!!!

Look out! Daddy has got the moves!


No gutter balls from Garet! He is already a pro bowler in 5 days! Wow!
(He is standing over my shoulder telling me what to type!)

Peyton is REALLY good at boxing! Look out Rockie!
So... we are REALLY impressed with this game! It is a blast for ALL of us! I highly recommend it! It would be a great Christmas gift for the whole family!
(If you don't already have one b/c we are simply behind times!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bunco, Boa's and...Banana's?

Our sweet little Salena is getting married next month, so we decided to have some fun with her at this month's Bunco! We showered her with pretties and some...NOT so pretties! We laughed until we cried! Did I mention that Salena is our .... church secretary?
Oh WOW...I think I recognize that! (Don't worry...I got it back! I was an Indian giver. Gave it to her for a laugh, but had to get it back! I just can't part with it!)

The Cheetah girls!!!!!


Salena doing some modeling for us! Oh my...those things are little!
Those would get soooo LOST on me! Sorry babe!

Oh WOW!!!! I FINALLY WON!!! Salena (her banana) and I were a HOT team tonight!
10 WINS!
Annette and Jodi fed us really well and as always...we had a great time!
Love ya Bunco girls!
Can't wait for our date next month!

Monday, August 18, 2008

For all of my teacher friends.....


Author Unknown

The Good Lord was creating teachers. It was His sixth day of 'overtime' and He knew that this was a tremendous responsibility for teachers would touch the lives of so many impressionable young children. An angel appeared to Him and said, "You are taking a long time to figure this one out."
"Yes," said the Lord, " but have you read the specs on this order?"
…must stand above all students, yet be on their level... must be able to do 180 things not connected with the subject being taught... must run on coffee and leftovers,... must communicate vital knowledge to all students daily and be right most of the time... must have more time for others than for herself/himself... must have a smile that can endure through pay cuts, problematic children, and worried parents... must go on teaching when parents question every move and others are not supportive... must have 6 pair of hands.
"Six pair of hands, " said the angel, "that's impossible""Well, " said the Lord, " it is not the hands that are the problem. It is the three pairs of eyes that are presenting the most difficulty!"
The angel looked incredulous, " Three pairs of eyes...on a standard model?"
The Lord nodded His head, " One pair can see a student for what he is and not what others have labeled him as. Another pair of eyes is in the back of the teacher's head to see what should not be seen, but what must be known. The eyes in the front are only to look at the child as he/she 'acts out' in order to reflect, " I understand and I still believe in you", without so much as saying a word to the child."
"Lord, " said the angel, " this is a very large project and I think you should work on it tomorrow".
"I can't," said the Lord, " for I have come very close to creating something much like Myself. I have one that comes to work when he/she is sick.....teaches a class of children that do not want to learn....has a special place in his/her heart for children who are not his/her own.....understands the struggles of those who have difficulty....never takes the students for granted..."
The angel looked closely at the model the Lord was creating. "It is too soft-hearted, " said the angel.
"Yes," said the Lord, " but also tough, You can not imagine what this teacher can endure or do, if necessary".
"Can this teacher think?" asked the angel.
"Not only think," said the Lord,. "but reason and compromise."
The angel came closer to have a better look at the model and ran his finger over the teacher's cheek.
"Well, Lord, " said the angel, your job looks fine but there is a leak. I told you that you were putting too much into this model. You can not imagine the stress that will be placed upon the teacher."
The Lord moved in closer and lifted the drop of moisture from the teacher's cheek. It shone and glistened in the light.
"It is not a leak," He said, "It is a tear."
"A tear? What is that?" asked the angel, "What is a tear for?"
The Lord replied with great thought, " It is for the joy and pride of seeing a child accomplish even the smallest task. It is for the loneliness of children who have a hard time to fit in and it is for compassion for the feelings of their parents. It comes from the pain of not being able to reach some children and the disappointment those children feel in themselves. It comes often when a teacher has been with a class for a year and must say good-bye to those students and get ready to welcome a new class."
"My, " said the angel, " The tear thing is a great idea...You are a genius!!"The Lord looked somber, "I didn't put it there."

Just wanted each of you to know that I'm thinking of you as you return to your classrooms today! God did make teachers special! I hope and pray that 2008-2009 is a great year for you! I hope that you are blessed with lots of fun, laughter and learning! My prayer is that you would make a difference in the life of a child this year!

Happy Monday morning!

Oh...come on...SMILE!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who Am I... This is the best video ever!!!!

A dear friend shared this video with my this week! This is a youth group doing a skip/mime with white gloves! I'm probably not explaining it good. Go see for yourself! It was so amazing! I hope that it blesses your heart like it blessed mine! Thanks Pam!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Butter Pecan Rum...Yummmm!!!!!!

The next time you go to your local grocery store you MUST pick up a box of Betty Crocker butter pecan cake mix! There is a secret recipe on the back of this box! Butter Pecan is to die for! I have made it twice this week and it was a hit! Trust me on this one!
The only thing I did differently from the recipe was the icing. I never buy icings for my bundt cakes. I just use powdered sugar and pour in my liquid till I get the right consistency. ( Milk, rum, orange juice, lemon juice...whatever flavor cake I'm doing.) It takes very little liquid and a lot of sugar for a very stiff icing! So, for this cake I used rum!!! Yummm~O!!!!
Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE making things from scratch! I LOVE homemade! (Honestly, I like to pretend I'm a pioneer woman!) BUT, when I find recipes that are easy, beautiful, delicious and from a BOX....they're a KEEPER!!!
This cake is a KEEPER!
I hope you are able to add it to your recipe collection!
Happy Saturday to ya!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you see what I see????

This was our exciting morning!
Peyton went to put on his shoes and had a surprise in his shoe!!!
"Mom! Mom! Come quick! There is a HUGE frog in my shoe and my toes touched it!"
I spy something very camouflaged! I spy something with two eyes lookin back at me! I spy something green and slimy! I spy something that does NOT belong in a SHOE!!


This frog will a little bigger than a tree frog! This toad was the size of my hand !
I'm so glad he camped out in his shoe and NOT mine!!!
Once the little toad was freed, he ran behind the fridge...around the fridge...into the case of DP...and finally out the door!

The toad was FINALLY freed after a WILD goose chase and a lot of laughs!

I just have one question.....

How did a freakin toad get INSIDE my HOUSE????????


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Being 4 is FUN!!!!

I must share a very cute story with you this morning!
Afew weeks ago, I took the boys to get snocones! We have the best little snocone stand here in our little town! We love snocones! The boys were sooo excited! It doesn't take much to excite us!
Well, we pull into the parking lot and the whole stand was gone! Vanished into thin air! Gone! There were tears...real ones! I thought..."What? Why would the snocone stand leave in the middle of July in Texas? WEIRD!!!"
So, off to DQ for blizzards we go!
This morning, we pass by the snocone stand! (She's been back for afew weeks, but Peyton is just noticing!) Peyton yells, "Mom!!! Look the snocone lady is back!!!! She must have ran out of SNOW and had to go to the North Pole to get some more! Yippeee!!!"
My heart just SMILED and I said, "Your probably right! She must have gone for more SNOW!"
I wish I could bottle this age up and hold onto it forever!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun.....

These were the cutest candles I've ever seen!
Happy birthday Tyler! Thanks for inviting me to your slumber party! I had a great girly time!

Magnificent MaryKay makeovers!

I painted watermelons on their toes!
The girls made cute tye~dyed shirts! Didn't they turn out cute? Wild, colorful and crazy! The girls also talked me into doing some dance contest on the TV. You know the one where you jump around on the arrows to the music! I'm so glad I didn't get pictures of that! The girls whipped me and laughed at my moves! They asked why I had my arms in the air! I forgot I am not in the 80's anymore!
Peyton lived on the trampoline this weekend! He wanted nothing to do with the pool because he couldn't touch! So...he jumped and jumped and jumped some more!

Swimmin with our cousins!
We had a great visit with Auburn's family this weekend!
We attended their little Assembly of God church on Sunday! Woo~Hoo!!! I'm not making fun AT ALL! This little Baptist girl had FUN in church on Sunday! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! There was dancing and bouncing going on! (Don't tell anyone!) It was a nice, refreshing time of worshipping my Lord who is soooo worthy of being praised! What a wonderful start to my week!

Saying "GOOD~BYE" is hard to do....

Friday evening, the MOFIA and their wives went to Grotto's in The Woodlands as a "farewell" dinner for JD and Allison! JD has been our youth minister for about a year and ahalf! They are moving to the Dallas area and we are going to miss them! We have learned so much from JD! We've laughed, we've cried, we've cried because we've laughed so hard!
What a great evening we had! Don't know who that dork is in the background!
I enjoyed homemade pasta stuffed with fresh spinach and fresh basil! Saundra's favorite! It was delicious!
Yummo at Gratto!
Good~ Bye for now JD and Allison! You will be missed in a HUGE way! We hope that God blesses you as you continue to be obedient to him!
My group shots didn't turn out! Saundra I need yours!