Friday, February 27, 2009

Reality and BOYS!!!

So, today I had a reality check! Garet had a Dr. appointment this morning. Nothing is wrong...just a well check! After the nurse weighed him and checked his height....I realized...he's not my baby anymore! He's my little man! I never get teary eyed about this stuff. I try to be content with every stage of my boy's lives, but it hit me and I got a little teary eyed! I even had to leave the room during this appointment!!! BUT, I'm his MOM!!!! Wow, where does time go?
He's 5 feet tall!!! I'm 5'2!!! Are you kidding me? This can NOT be happening! It's too soon! I just gave birth to him and he was 21 inches long and weighed 6 pnds.

And NOW he weighs 102 pnds.!!!!
I don't know why I'm having a hard time with this. This is weird! Weird I tell ya!
He just ate 3 hotdogs! I feel like he's moving out tomorrow!
This is my beautiful necklace my boys gave me for Christmas.
I have a funny story to tell you about my necklace.
Today, Peyton was sitting in my lap at the car wash and he started counting the pretty beads on my beautiful necklace!
1 brain, 2 brains, 3 brains, 4 brains.....etc.....
Excuse me??? Brains??? They are BEADS!!!!
I'm such a girly girl!
How did I end up with burps, boogers and BRAINS?????
God help me raise these BOYS!
My BOYS are my JOYS!!!
Have a great weekend!


missy said...

Well you've gotta admit the beads do look a little bit like colored brains!

Lisa T. said...

that makes me so sad!

Jana Corley said...

Oh, Carrie...I feel your pain! But what would we do without our boys? They sure do make life interesting!

Anonymous said...


Sandel said...

I am sooo not ready for these "getting older" visits. I may need you to come with and hold my hand. Why did I ever think boys are easier?

MamaBird said...

"burps, boogers and BRAINS?????" ... oh, my...
I LOVE boys...but not boogers...yuk!
I'm so glad you are public again...I was going to sneak in and comment under my sister's log-in, but thought that was a little freaky, so I didn't :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Boys are odd creatures.. i have one boy who went from 2-20 in the blink of an eye..(if we don't count the 1000 trips to the principal's office).. Yours are the cutest little guys..and they'll always be your babies!

Lacie said...

carrie.. that is too cute! they grow so fast, it makes me sad. i understand about the height thing.. darren and emilie both will soon be passing me up!

Anonymous said...

Well, as you well know....we have definitely hit a "spurt" and my little, sweet, precious bundle of joy now has a MOUSTACH and is only 12 (well in 6 more weeks). Just do what I do, keep telling boobs, no boobs, no boobs - I can handle this!!!! BTW - I arm wretstled with him today...what was I thinking???? I went down like a torpedoed ship!!!! Saundra

ko said...

no you wierdo!!!!!!!! I know you dont hate me!!!! man Garet Rose is getting so big!!!!!!!!!! I hope we have a boy(s).........well anything as long as they are healthy!!!!!

love ya