Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a ramblin....

Have you tried these! I've been trying to drink a lot more water.....BLAH!!!! I have discovered these and they are great and they are really good for you! I treat myself to these rather than diet vanilla coke! You need to try them!
Do you remember last year when I had my Sonic meltdown? Do you remember when the nice girl told me that blackberry tea was "seasonal" and they wouldn't have it again until next summer? I cried and had withdrawals and all!!!!! I have recently learned that the nice girl didn't know what she was talking about and they have had blackberry tea ALL YEAR!!!!
The only thing that nice girl did for me was save me some money!!!
I'm sitting here drinking me an unsweetened blackberry tea with 2 Sweet~N~Lows!
HELLO SUMMER!!!! I feel soooooo GREEN!!!!!
(No, not because my little house is a mint green......)
I feel green because my sweet sister bought me this really cute bag and I used it for my groceries this week! I'm going to save the earth one plastic bag at a time!
Look how big it is!!!!
Check out the bag lady!!!!
What a GREAT gift idea!!!!
I must inform you of one more thing!
We have another mushroom!!!
This one is not quite as graphic as the first!
I thought you might need to laugh!!!!
Laughter is GOOD!!!!
It's OK TO LAUGH!!!!
Google phallus mushrooms and LAUGH!!!!!

Place your order!

Looking for "end of the year" teacher gifts? Make your shopping easy! Don't forget to order your special teacher a loaf of homemade banana bread!
Please place your order on or before Mon. June 1st!
Baking day will be Tues. June 2nd ! Your bread will be ready Tues. evening!

These are large, yummy loaves with a box of cream cheese in each!
Each loaf will be wrapped up for your special teacher!
Be sure to let your teachers know how much you love and appreciate them!
$10.00 a loaf

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day...Last Minute!!!!

I was sitting in my PJ's talking on the phone at 11:00 on Memorial Day! We were just hanging out and didn't have much planned! I was talking to my friend and she didn't have anything going on either! I talk to all of my friends quite frequently, but we hardly ever get to sit and visit! I thought....."This is ridiculous! We all have the day off and no one has anything going on....let's have a party!" So, at 4:00 we had around 30 people over! It turned into a big party! It was really funny! I never do stuff like this! I think everything has to be planned and perfect! Not anymore! I think last minute is best! So, if I talked to you and said that I didn't have anything going on....I did NOT lie....I promise!
The kids swam for 8 hrs. straight! They slept like ROCKS!!
My hubby! The cook and the Marine! Thanks honey for your service to our country! We celebrate you today!
I had to get a pic of my #1 reader....T Daddy!!! He never misses a post in this boring blog of mine!
Dana and Mr. Haden! We had 10 boys running girls!
The weather cooperated and it was a nice evening!
Laura and Pam!
Kathy, Anna and Steph...just a visiting!
We just started putting card tables in the yard and playing cards!
My new favorite game....31!
The guys threw some horseshoes!
I'm sooooo glad I got a wild hair!!!
Today we celebrated the country we live in, the men and women who serve and who have given their lives for our freedom, good food and special friends!
If you missed out.....I'm sooooo sorry!
We will be doing this again soon!
You never know when I'll be calling!
I've turned into a spontaneous girl....kinda!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you are local.....

Need help in the kitchen? Are you tired and exhausted? Don’t have time to bake for special functions, family gatherings, school, work, church or YOURSELF??? Let me HELP!

Strawberry pies for sale!
$7.00 each or two for $12.00
Please place your orders by Wed, May 27.
Pies will be ready Fri, May 29.
These pies are yummy, icebox pies ~ Great for the freezer!

Hi friends! Are you wondering what I’m doing? Well, last week a sweet friend gave me a great idea! This friend called me and said she needed a cake baked. There was just one problem…she was way too busy to bake it! She knows how much I love to bake and offered to pay me! I was honored and glad to do it for her! So, I’m playing around…and BAKING!!!! I know that some of you are WONDERFUL cooks and don’t need my help at all, BUT if you would pass this around….I would really appreciate it! Spread the word! Thanks for your help!
(PS~ If this goes well….I may have banana bread next week! I’ll let ya know!)

Thought this was commical!
Can you relate?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

School's out for SUMMER...for Peyton atleast!!!

Ms. Connie always knows how to throw a great party!
She is sitting in her new, fancy chair! Don't be falling asleep Ms. Connie!
Dan the Man!
Pie eating contest!
How do I get talked into these things?
Pools full of bubbles!
Yummy treats to eat!
Coop sporting his green beads, green Pop and green hair!!!
Trent's apple has his name on it!
Look out we come!
The fishing booth was very popular!

and Pinatas!
Peyton hanging out with The Little Mermaid!

Thanks Ms. Connie for all of the great, fun, wonderful memories!!!!
You are the BEST!
We love you and we will never forget you!
Thanks for helping make us who we are today!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little Maxine for ya....

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You might be a RED~NECK.....

You might be a red~neck if you take your husband to the RV park for his birthday dinner!
You might be a red~neck if you go to a gas station for birthday entertainment!
Look...there's Buccee the Beaver!
You might be a red~neck if you run into everyone you know and decide to have a birthday party at Buccee's!!!!
You might be a weird~o....a freak~o...a sick~o for taking pics in the ladies fancy restroom! Look at this feature found in EVERY stall! What a brilliant idea! I heart Buccee's!
You might be a red~neck if your son wants a Buccee's hat for Christmas!
It's not just a gas station.....
It's a family fun center!'s almost better than Six Flags!
Not bad for "a night out on the town" in your little town!
We are steppin up people!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking care of business.....

We are wrapping up our little soccer season!'s been busy!
(I'm a horrible mom! I didn't take any pics of Garet and his team! gasp! Horrible I tell ya!)
Go Red Rockets!!!!! Go Houston Rockets too!!!!
I think this is probably Peyton breaking the rules! He's not suppose to be pushing! Caught him in action!
Go Coach Julie! Thanks for steppin up! (She didn't have a choice! haha!)
The ladies! Peyton really enjoyed soccer! I think I know WHY!!!!
Taking a break!

This is hard work!
"CHEESE" hehe

I bribed my son! I told him to get out there and play some soccer and we would go to Dairy Queen! He must have had DQ on the brain because he scored 3 goals this game!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!
Thank you for molding me and making me who I am today!
"Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to things of old. Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert!"
Isaiah 43: 18-19

Looking forward to what God has in store for you Mom!
The journey is going to be so sweet!
haha!!!! You girls better behave next time we take pics!
Happy Mother's Day and Happy birthday to Mama Rose!
So glad that you are another year older and we get to celebrate with you! God is just NOT through with you yet young lady!

AND, a special Happy Birthday to my hubby!
Happy birthday to you Auburn! Hope all of you wishes come true!
Just are half way to 74!!!

We are partying over here folks! This week is ALWAYS one big party for our families! Lots of people to celebrate!!!!!
Hope you are having a super week!