Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cooking and being COZY!!!!

I popped in on the cute Farm Chicks this week and they were baking banana bread!!!!
I love me some banana bread!
Best Banana Bread EVA!!!!!!
Seriously....Go check it out for yourself!!!
I also visited Mrs. Ruthann over at Warm Pie Happy Home this week! She was making some Hillbilly Spaghetti Pie! It sounded sooooo good and we tried it out!
Yes...we were hillbillies...imagine that!!!
It was a hit!!! Yummo!!!! You need to go grab the recipe!!!

This week my mama bought me a Chris Madden fluffy blanket!!!! It's awesome!!!!
She brought it to me right before the COLD weather hit!!! Perfect timing!!!
I've been all snug as a bug in a rug!!!!
This isn't me, but doesn't she look all happy and cozy in her Chris Madden fluffy blanket???
Hurry!!! Fast!!!
Go to your nearest JCPenney's!!! They are 50% OFF!!! What a deal!!!
Those babies are expensive, so hurry up!!!!

Did you discover anything new this week?


Sandel said...

YUMMY!!!! You have had a very fun day. It almost makes me want to get out of my jammies and do something. Oh well it is almost 5:00 there is no point in that. :)

ko said...

mmmmm..that all looks yummy