Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010


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I simply can NOT believe that my child is turning 13!!! It just does NOT seem possible!!! We had an outside party planned yesterday, BUT it rained on our parade!!! Literally!!! Sooooo....We had to go with plan B just afew hrs. before the party! Nothing like planning a party in a very short amount of time, but we did it! We played, ate and had a PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNT!!! It was a bit CRAZY, but FUN!!!! Here is a list of ideas that we used and it will explain some of the pics!!! Thanks Lisa!!!

-pic driving backwards thru a drive thru while the employee is handing the item ordered to the passenger.
-pic of members sitting on a hay bale. extra points if all team members are in the pic
-find a statue. take pic of members copying the statue. extra points of all team members are in pic.
-pic of members on motorcycle. extra points if all members are on it.
-pic of members doing cart wheel in parking lot. extra points of all members are in pick
-pic of team member pumping a strangers gas
-pic of members on a fire truck. extra points if all member are in pic.
-pic of a team member standing next to road kill.
-go to a store and find an item that starts with the first letter of each team members name. take a pic of member with their item found.
-pic of members running the bases at baseball field. extra points if all members are in pic.
-pic of all members on a slide
-pic of members building a pyramid in a parking lot. extra points if all members are in pic.
-pic of all members with feet in water (puddle, lake, river).
-pic of a plane flying in the sky.
-pic of a tombstone with one of your team members names. team member must be in pic with tombstone
-pic of a tombstone with the birthday of one of your team members. team member must be in pic with tombstone.
-pic of members up in a tree. extra points if all team members are in tree.
-pic of out of state license plate
-one team member find another person that shares their name and take a pic with them
-find a local street sign that is the name of a another texas town
-pic of all team members in costume. extra points of the team does the entire hunt in costume (you will know from pics)
-pic of one team member being hand cuffed and put in the back of a police car.
-pic of team doing Zumba w/ Mrs. Lori at Lori's dance studio!

To our friends.....THANK YOU for making this birthday special for Garet!!!! We love you all and enjoy growing OLD with you!!!! Love you!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The pirates are coming.....

Nothing like waking up....opening the window and seeing a pirate ship......

and "real" pirates running around the resort!!!
The boys loved it!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do you like to people watch???
I sure do!!
On our trip, I would get comfy in my chair.....
and hide behind my big glasses and entertain myself!!!
Meet Flow! Flow is from Argentina and she is on staff at the resort! She is precious and very good at her job!! Garet loved playing beach volleyball with Flow and I wonder why....
Flow doesn't wear very many clothes!
Her bikini bottoms just drove me crazy!!
Don't they look sooooo uncomfortable???
I just wanted to pick them out for her!!!
This is Ryan aka "pretty boy"! My boys loved Ryan! Ryan is from England! I asked Ryan how he ended up working at a resort in Mexico all the way from England. He said he came to Mexico on a "boy trip" and fell in love with a Mexican girl! I thought....note to "boy trips" to Mexico for my boys!! ha!
The first morning we were there, I was fixing my breakfast and Ryan comes be~boppin through and asked me if I wanted to stretch with him! I lost all focus....I thought he was a time share person! Then I find out he is in charge of organized activities at the resort! ha!
Meet Dave!!!
Dave came to the resort with his daughter! They stayed one week...he fell in love with the place and the people....they cut him a deal and he has been here for one month!!!!
This man was by himself...all alone!
He came out in the morning and rubbed himself down and baked all day!!!
All day!!!
This couple was adorable!!!
They were from Scotland!
They did these funky stretches and yoga together EVERY morning!!!
They were old and I loved watching them!!!
We learned in VBS this week that we are all special and unique! We all have a story!!! God made us all different!
I'm NOT making fun!
I just like to people watch!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canning can make you CRAZY.........

Things I have learned about gardening and canning......
When cucumbers start producing......THEY PRODUCE!!!
When you have cucumbers multiplying does NOT take long for them to start running out your nose, ears, etc.
Do NOT start canning at 7 at night!!! NEVER!!!!
Canning pickles is a very LONG process!!!
When you live where I live, ALWAYS make sure you have your canning ingredients BEFORE you start canning!!!
Lime is hard to find and when you do find it.....they are sold out b/c everybody and their brother and mama are canning just like you!!!
If I had to sell these 6 couldn't afford them!
Canning can make you insane!
Canning can make you say and think things you shouldn't!!! ha
Canning is hard work, but strangely fun!
You live and learn!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Childhood friends.....

I LOVE my childhood friends!!!!
Some have come and some have gone!
Some have hung around all of these years!!!
This past week I was able to meet up with some of my OLD childhood friends and ALL of our children!!! We met at Andrea's beach house in Galveston for afew days! Yes, I'm back in Texas! There was no beautiful blue water, but a whole lot of FUN!!! We have not all been together in 12 yrs. and we really haven't spent quality time in 20 yrs.
Ouch!! That makes me seem so OLD!!!!
They both have beautiful families!!!
They are both amazing Mom's!!!
I love the people they have grown up to be!!!

All of our babies had a great time together!!
Isn't he adorable???
We hope to make this an annual trip!!!
Our kiddos making memories with each other!
Zane's lounge chair...I love it!
Charlie's Angels....NOT!!!!!!!

What do you do when you are at the beach and your child has to poop???
No fear!
You just dig a hole!
All of our kiddos....minus one!!
There is nothing like picking up right where you left off years ago and chatting each others ears off until you pull out of the driveway!!
Little lovebugs!!!
We went night crabbin!!
I have never done this before, but it was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!
I could've done this all night!
Little crabs were running everywhere!!
Those suckers are FAST!!!
We even caught some big ones!
Look at his blue claw...COOL!!!
All grown up!!!
This was us 20 yrs. ago!!!
It seems like just yesterday!!!!
Life is going by WAY TO FAST!!!!
Hope you are having a good week!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore.
Andre Gide

Sunday, June 6, 2010


During our stay in Mexico, we ate at this amazing restaurant at the resort...Oysters!
The view was breath taking!
The marina was right outside!
We love seafood, but my boys have never had oysters...muscles...octopus!
Garet about died when he found these in his pasta...haha!!!
Peyton could not wait to see palm trees and coconuts! So, I had to take his pic with the palm tree!
This was a really nice treat!!!
Hope you have a great week!
We are off to the beach again....Galveston, not Mexico!
We get to send afew days with some of my BFF's from HS and all of their kiddos!
Gonna be fun!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More to share....

We stayed at a family resort in Cancun.
It was not at all in the heart of Cancun.
It was on down the coast...kinda isolated, but that's what I wanted!!
In most of the pics you can see Cancun actually in the background!
This place was great for us! Very quiet...only afew families around!
It was perfect! The staff was amazing...very friendly!
It was like a "home away from home"!
Ola! Como estas!!!
This is where I hung out during the day!
Pool in front of me....beautiful scenery all around me....waves crashing under and sailboats coming and going from the marina quietly!!!
Ahhhh....Mexico, I miss you already!!
My boys LOVED the swim up bar!!!
They drank 4,367 shirley tempell's!!!
I'm not kiddin!
There was activities throughout the entire day!
You could jump in any time you wanted!
They were line dancing here!
Do you notice my child front and center?
We played games on the beach.....
We rode the hobie!!!
This is actually Garet leaving with a family from NY!
They went way out and got to swim in the deep blue!
We played beach volleyball!!
There was water aerobics!!!
Can't wait to tell you about all of our new friends!!

We watched SpongeBob in Spanish!!!
The staff filled the pool with water balloons and we had a GIANT water balloon fight!!!
(Yes, that is a beautiful 9 month pregnant lady in a bikini! Sickening, huh? I'm just jealous!)

The adults were acting like crazy people and it was hilarious!

Water volleyball!!!
Auburn is the white boy in the was our first day!!
We would spend half the day at the pool and beach and we would walk to the water park in the afternoon!!!
It was brand new and so nice!

Fun in the sun!
We learned to kayak!!!
Peyton had it made!
It's harder than it looks, but we got the hang of it!

Basically, we were out in the sun from 7am until dark!
The boys did not seem to mind!!!