Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost time....

It's almost time!

We have a baby due in just afew short weeks!!!

(Well, not me....BUT, my sis~n~law!)

(Kinda looks like me, BUT it's not!)

I love me some baby bumps!!!

I can't wait to meet you Cade!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011's a family affair!

Learning to till!!!

My husband has taken this gardening thing to extreme!

He loves it!

He has worded VERY HARD the past few weeks!!!!

I'm soooo excited!

We are stocking our freezer this summer!

He adds a row everyday! We have veggies poppin up all over the place!!!
I LOVE this pic!

This is the same garden afew years ago owned by Grandpa Bailey!

I never would have dreamed we would be gardening in the same spot!

Hope Grandpa Bailey is looking down on us smiling.....and not LAUGHING!!! ha!

New recipes I've come across.....they are KEEPERS!!!

Swiss Steak in the crockpot!!!!!

This was sooooo stinking good!!!!! I haven't made swiss steak in a long time!!!

(No pic! Sorry!) I made this with Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes!!!

My boys kept saying, "Mom, this is soooo good!"

It's a keeper!!!

I made this for bunco! It was a hit and O So Easy!!!!

Can't wait until we have fresh corn!!!

Fun! Fun!

Mine did NOT look like this! BUT, it sure tasted good! It did not want to leave the pan! Don't you hate it when that happens???

Has anyone else been trying new recipes lately???

Are they KEEPERS???

I would love to know!!!!