Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Sonic Blessing!

I have a sweet little story to share with you.
Today I treated the boys to Sonic drinks after school.
I pull up to pay and the little drive thru girl says....
"The lady in front of you bought your drinks. She said she didn't know you...she just wanted to bless you today."
How cool is that?
There really are good people in this crazy world.
It was a great lesson for all of us!
A lesson of giving, putting others first & showing God's love!
On the way home, we prayed that God would BLESS that thoughtful lady!
I can't wait to pass the blessing on and bless someone with Sonic drinks!
It was such a HAPPY HOUR!!!!


The Three of Us said...

Oh WOW that is really cool Carrie. What a great idea. I will have to remember that.

Sada said...

precious! I love good people!!

Sandel said...

I think that this is the sweetest thing and I am going to have to do this!!!!!

ko said...

how reminds me of that song..."have you seen Jesus my Lord"
it goes
have you seen Jesus my Lord
He is here in plain view
take a look open your eyes
He'll show it to you

Erica said...

How neat!