Friday, February 13, 2009

Will you join me in prayer?

Bubba and Andy!!! Good friends...good times!!!

(Bubba is on the right.)
One of my dear childhood friends, Brad "Bubba" Dyess, is in need of your prayers.
Bubba suffered a brain aneurysm on Monday. He's only 36 yrs. old. He suffered the same kind of brain aneurysm that his mother died from 5 yrs. ago! This family is precious to me. We all grew up in the same neighborhood together for 20 yrs. We all went to the same school. Same church. We spent summers growing up at each other's houses. Went to church camp every summer! He wrapped my house almost every weekend! Seriously! I even recall him in green tights for a church play....he was the grasshopper! So many memories!!!!
Bubba is a wonderful person!
Goofy as ever!
Fun loving! A people pleaser! Had a smile that would light up the room!
The girls ALL loved him!
We had a prayer vigil on Wed. night. We handed him completely over to God and his family took him off life support. He's still breathing on his own. His heart is strong, but the Dr. have given his family little hope.
I'm heartbroken.
I can't think. Can't focus. Can't concentrate.
I know that he would not want to live like this.
Please pray God's will for Bubba and his precious family! Please!
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spanki said...

my hearth aches! you and his family will be remembered in our prayers!

Sandel said...

Praying that God's will be done and his peace be felt.

partynjump said...

Carrie I am in shock! How incredibly sad!
I can attest.....the girl always have loved Bubba! I was bitten by the crush bug a few times myself,... tragic. Of Course prayers being sent up at this very moment!

Hawaian Babe 2008 said...

i will pray for him every night my god bless him