Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm having an affair.....

With my big, handsome, glorious new RUG!!!!
He's EVERYTHING I hoped he would be!!!
He's just the right color!!!
He's just my style!!!!
I know we are gonna live happily ever after!!!!
Picked him out at Target!!!
I just love how he turned out!
Getting ready to have 5 7th & 8th grd. GIRLS in my house this weekend for Disciple Now!!!
Wish me LUCK!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

For all of you LOCAL LADIES......

You are invited to our 2011 Women's Retreat!!!!!!
(Don't know how to make this larger...sorry!)
Call 348-2686 w/ questions!!!


What a nice surprise to wake up to!!!!
Snow is a treat here in Texas!!!
We get soooo excited!!!
We get sooo excited that the town closes down...ha!!

Yea!!! We got a SNOW DAY!!!!
The kids played hard!!!!
They had snowball fights!!!
Snow is such a foreign thing to us!!!
It was SNOW FUN!!!!!
I just came across this picture!!!
That's what you call "Snowden"!!!
That is NOT in Texas!!!
Crazy thing is.....they probably had to get up and go to work and school !!!
Poor peeps!!!