Friday, March 6, 2009

Neti Pot ~ Sinus Relief Kits????

Without giving you too much personal info.....I live in an area that is on HIGH ALERT for pollen this week. What's the big deal you might ask???? Well, we are sneezing and snotting all over the place! Seriously! My black car looks like it got a green paint job. I'm looking out the window and it's raining green. It's lovely! It matches our green snot! St. Patrick's day is coming up, right?
The last time we got this crud...I was desperate. Tired of taking medicine that didn't work. I would take 2 wks. of antibiotics with NO relief. It was way frustrating! So, I've heard about the Neti Pot and all of the natural systems out there. I decided to go NATURAL!!! I've heard they are GREAT! WONDERFUL! They will fix all of your sinus and allergy problems! HA!

Have you heard of a Neti Pot? If so, have you had any success?
Because.....I HATE this thing!!!! It didn't work! The whole process is gross, disgusting, horrible, despicable.....plain miserable!!!!!
She makes this process seem sooooo elegant! So ladylike!!!!!
Don't let her fool you!
It wasn't this easy!
What about this lovely lady???
Attractive, huh????
She even has a sexy look going on!
Either my sinuses where so backed up or I'm an idiot! I didn't have a nice, straight stream flowing like that!

I was spitting and sputtering all over the place! I know that I do not look sexy like the nice model above! I felt like I was drowning in my own snot or I had jumped off the diving board without my nose plugged! Drowning is not how I want to die...maybe I should get another sinus relief system! My husband thought this was very comical and started taking pics!

Some of my crazy friends have compared this to something else. This is a G rated blog...I'll spare you the details!
So, how do you find relief from your allergies and sinuses???
If you have tried this.....please let me know how it worked!!!!!


Lisa T. said...

oh my lord. you did it. you really posted it. i'm laughing. really hard. need that laugh!

Sandel said...

I am so sorry the Neti let you down :( Thanks for being the guienne (spell) pig.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Lynn you have lot it...........your dad

Carrie said...

Dad, you mean lost it or lot it??? I could have lot never know!

Anonymous said...

LOST it .....see what I mean....its

Robin said...

Hey, Carrie! I have this and I love it! First of all, if you are really stopped up you have to blow your nose very well first!!! I have learned this hard way after I almost drowned myself. Then, I use only half of a package of the saline solution, that way it doesn't hurt your already irrited nose. Lastly, and most important, you must only breath through your mouth when using this!!! Good Luck

The 5 of Us said...

Girl, you are too much! Too funny!!!