Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A very RANDOM post!!!

We enjoyed POL, BUT I'm soooooo glad we don't have to freeze our tooshes off tonight!
Baby, it's COLD OUTSIDE!!!
Actually, Saundra and I had a few secrets up our dresses!!!!

This weekend, my sister and her family came through town!
We got to visit quickly!
Canon has changed so much!
Look at those cheeks!!! They match mine!

I think I want to keep him!

My "little" brother's favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story!
When I saw this shirt...I couldn't resist!
I remember watching this movie EVERY year growing up!
Thanks Coy for keeping this memory alive!
You look sexy in your shirt!
Watching FOOTBALL!!

Grandma came for a quick visit!
We weren't exactly dressed for pictures! These boys had been playing hard!
They smelled like little boys too...poor Grandma!
Do little girls smell when they come in from playing outside?
I think that we can say that Jack has officially gone home! He completely bit the dust on Saturday! We could not believe that he hung around for four days! Now we are left with a BUNCH of leaves!
Anybody just like to rake for the fun of it? Anybody????
Off to complete my Christmas chores!!!


Jana Corley said...

When I went to Sam's on Saturday, I saw that they sell those warmers by the case!! We need to remember that for next year. Mike & Casey used a LOT of them!

Erica said...

Oh girl the warmers on the booty just made me crack up!

Lacie said...

All of your posts are so fun to read. Warmers on your hiney, smelly boys,and poor 'ol Jack Frost...you can't help but smile!

Anonymous said...

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