Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So busy...

I'm still alive...just so busy!!! Friday night we stood in line to meet Santa with our long wish lists!
Also, Friday night we partied down at Chuck E. Cheeses for Peyton's 5th birthday!
His real birthday is Dec. 11 and I'll post more!
Saturday night was the annual Madisonville Christmas parade! My whole family rode the MidSouth float! I sat, drank hot chocolate, ate a bag of popcorn and listened to Christmas carols on the square! I tried getting a pic of the passing float, but my camera didn't cooperate. Oh Kyley, our guy was in the parade again! He was my favorite float. No one else knew why I was laughing so hard. I wish you were there to enjoy the laugh with me again!

Sunday night was our children's choir Christmas performance at church.
Look at my handsome guys!

Peyton isn't shy at all, but he freezes in front of crowds (very unlike his brother)!
He turned WHITE and never smiled!
I thought, "Oh Lord, is he going to be sick?"
The church was decorated beautifully and the kiddos did a great job!
We are well into the Christmas season!
Hope it is merry and bright for you!
Are you crazy busy too?


Jill said...

Yes--Crazy busy! You did great tonight at POL. You and Saundra do such a good job!!

The Three of Us said...

oh how i hate missing out on all of these special moments! maybe, just maybe, living a little closer it will be easier.