Monday, December 1, 2008

Rose Thanksgiving!

Angela and I have NEVER been responsible for the dressing! Well, this year we had to put our big girl panties on and make dressing without Mama Rose! Paula Dean to the rescue! Dressing is a pain in the butt to make, but we did it and it was GREAT!!! Thanks Paula!
It's great to hang out with cousins! We miss you Richard and Shauna!
We went to The Market Street and saw the movie Bolt!
We built a campfire!
We ate yummy smores!
Ever played chubby bunny? This is a great campfire game! Very funny! The object of the game is to see who can fit the most BIG marshmallow in their mouth! After each marshmallow you have to say...
Chubby Bunny!
I know that it may seem like I have a very BIG mouth, but I don't!
I could only put five in that tiny mouth!
I was laughing so hard here that something else happened! You know what happens when I laugh hard! I was trying to tell them, but they thought I was saying....CHUBBY BUNNY!

Chubby Bunny!
Chubby Bunny!
Chubby Bunny! Angela won with 10 marshmallows! This girl has one big mouth!

Chubby Bunny!
Auburn's oldest brother...can you see the resemblance?
To say the least...we rested really well!
Are you wondering where Auburn is in the pics? Well, my husband had to work and couldn't have Thanksgiving with us! He's a lineman for the county and he couldn't leave his county! Thanks honey for being such a good provider for us! We appreciate you! Thanks Mark and Brenda for inviting Auburn to have Thanksgiving with The Trischel's!! What good friends we have!
Thankgiving with my family coming soon!


The Three of Us said...

I'm not sure what else happened around the camp fire? Could you please give us some more details?

ko said...

YALL CRACK ME UP!!! TO FUNNY! TO FUNNY! :) I love all of your pictures, & you look beautiful AS USUAL! IHATE CHUBBY BUNNY>>>>GROSS!!!!

Sada said...

Y'all are too fun! I love chubby bunny.......we will mimic that at some point......maybe once we purchase a chimnea!! I'm very proud of you girls for making the dressing........who is the other girl -- she is so pretty!!

Erica said...

Fun times! Not tryin to rain on your parade but be careful with the chubby bunny, kids have died playing that game.

Lacy said...

Looks like a super fun blast with losts of memories!

Carrie said...

Hey Sada! The pretty girl with me is Auburn's sister.

Erica...thanks for the info., but as you can see...the competition was really with us adults. lol!

The 5 of Us said...

Well it was a lot of fun! I guess you decided not to disclose full details about what trickled out during Chubby Bunny! We had a blast and love ya lots!

Erica said...

The Kate thing sounds fun! Let me know if you find out anymore about it!

Anonymous said...

I think I know maybe Garet will tell papa..........