Monday, December 29, 2008

Chritmas Fun ~ 2008

It was nice having Grandma with us for the afternoon! I think she seemed to enjoy herself!
Don't worry! We took her home before the gambling, drinking and acting like a sailor started!
My two little angels!!!! JK
They were waiting patiently to open all of those presents!
We gambled...a little! Don't judge us!

and we learned a new card game!!!
Macy and Laschel hanging out in the kitchen, but I think they were cleaning...not eating AGAIN!!!
My brother introduced us to washers! Ever played? It's a lot of FUN!!!

We loved playing washers!!!!
A new hat? New glasses? A new nose?
Maybe I should have asked Santa for a tummy tuck or new boobs!!!
Is it just me or does it look more like Halloween instead of Christmas?
We survived Christmas!
Inspite of having sick kids, being high on medicine myself and not being together as a family for the first time...we had a fun weekend!
Yes, I caugh Peyton's sickness AND his pink~eye!
It's LOVELY!!!!
Just trying to wash, unpack, recooperate and find a place in this little house for all of our Christmas treasures!!!!


Erica said...

Oh man washers is a lot of fun! Hope you get over the icky pink eye and all.

The Three of Us said...

These pictures doing nothing but make me VERY sad!

Sandel said...

Looks like a fabulous time!!!