Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Christmas time!

One of my blog friends, Brandy , shared some of her favorite things about Christmas! I thought it was a great idea and joined her! This year I added my lighted garland and I love it! I love the feeling I get when I walk in my back door!
I love Christmas ornaments!!! I love collecting them from year to year! I really am a FREAK about my ornaments! I don't have a "theme" for our tree! We have a little of everything on our tree! When Garet was little we started the tradition of collecting an ornament each year and I really love the ones that are dated! We have quite a collection now! My hope is that this tradition will stay alive and be passed down from generation to generation! When my boys get married, I plan on giving them all of their Christmas ornaments from year to year!

We added this guy this year...
and this little guy! Isn't he cute? I love the feathers!
Auburn and I will be celebrating our 12 anniversary on Sunday. This was a wedding gift and it hangs on our tree every year!

Peyton's first Christmas...
and Garet's first Christmas!
Our 9~11 Christmas ball!
I LOVE my ornaments!
We love our annual call from Santa...aka Uncle Carnell! Auburn's brother, Carnell, calls every year pretending to be Santa! Thank you Uncle Carnell for making sweet memories with my boys!

I love my sweet, little nativity set that reminds us of the birth of Jesus Christ!
Gotta keep Christ in Christmas!

This Christmas bear has been around for about 20 yrs. now! A high school friend gave it to my mom, but it remains in my possession now! I love it! It reminds me of Christmases past!

I love cookbooks and I especially love Christmas cookbooks! A dear friend gave me this beautiful Gooseberry Patch Christmas cookbook! I love it and I love you Pam!
This is a special advent Christmas book that the Spangler family gave us years ago. I believe Shane made it when he was about Garet's he is a freshman at Baylor! I love to read the short stories to my boys on nights when there is nothing going on. HAHA!
Notice the beautiful gold package that my husband wrapped for my last night! Oh honey, you get an A for effort, BUT I think you may need a bow 101 class!!!

I made Christmas jelly for all of the teachers in our lives! I am so grateful for those who give their time to my boys! Thank you teachers!
My house is tiny! My Christmas tree is not big and fancy! Christmas to me is a feeling! It's making memories that will last! It's having special traditions with your children!
I love Christmas!


The 5 of Us said...

Very sweet! That is really cool!

Lacy said...

Carrie you house looks so cozy, warm, friendly and full of Christmas cheer. You can tell it is not the size that matters at your house. You have made it a home. :)

Erica said...

I'm glad you shared all your great memories and traditions. Your house looks great!

Brandy said...

What great Christmas decorations! I loved looking at them!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


MamaBird said...

your house looks wonderful...I love seeing and reading about your traditions

ko said...

I love all of your Christmas DECORATIONS! BEAUTIFUL! You make it so homey!! :) HOMEY! HAHAHA! I am going to start WW Jan1.......I have to! Thank you for all of your encouraging words! They cheered me up!! :) Enjoy the Christmas BREAK with the BOYS, and have a wonderful Christmas!