Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick Or Treat...Bunco Style!!!

Trick or treat...smell my feet...give me something good eat!!!
It's bunco time!!!
We always love October bunco ~ annual costume party!
Kinda makes us feel like kids again!
Would you like some mustard or ketchup?
(Costumes courtesy of my brother, Coy and Stephanie...thanks guys! XOXO!)
Trailer Trash Erica ~ Peacock Ashely ~ Pirate Lindsey

Betty Crocker showed up, yummy cookies and all!

Jana said, " This is as HALLO~WEENIE as I get!" So, she was our WEENIE!

Maxine smoked a pack of cigarettes in one night!

YO! YO! Stephanie obviously made her appearance at the wrong PARTY! She came in with RAP music blaring on her cellphone...doing a little dance with her jeans at her knees! She scared me a little...I thought she stopped off at the tattoo parlor!
It looked as if she had too much to drink as well!
The BLING~BLING in her NOSE blinded me all night!
Maybe we need to get her to the school counselor!


Lacy said...

What a fun night of laughs! Ya'll have some great costumes! I always love to see what people choose.

ko said...

that is sooo soo soo sooo funny!
ya'll are so cute!!!!

The Three of Us said...

You girls go all out. Looks like good times.

Erica said...

Oh good times!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

way too clever for me!