Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buzz Lightyear to the RESCUE!!!

Peyton and I decorated a pumpkin this year for the pumpkin decorating contest!
We didn't place, but we sure had fun creating our bat!
There was some crazy competition!
Peyton had his heart set on being Buzz Lightyear this year! Isn't he cute?

Garet was also Buzz when he was four. He had the little one piece outfit from WalMart...we didn't have Ebay back then! Well, I ordered Peyton's Buzz outfit because Garet's is slightly wore out! When we received Peyton's package in the mail...we were all surprised. This outfit is the real deal. Detachable wings...goggles that light up...boot covers...hand covers!!!! You name's got it!

Garet mumbled, "Boy, things have changed in 8 years!"

Face painting with Mrs. Lindsey! Cooper is Peyton's BUD!
There was also bubble blowing, fishing, a pinata, apple decorating, pie eating contest, a jump castle and pin the nose on the pumpkin! What a FUN time!
Makeup for the pretty girls!

Emma, you make such a beautiful bride!
Maybe I can hook you up in about twenty years!
(At this camera went DEAD! Hate it when that happens.)
Happy Halloween everyone! Have a FUN weekend!


ko said...

memories...from the corners of my mind!!! HOW SWEET! Peyton was the BEST BUZZ I've ever seen!! that pumpkin is tooo cute too!!!

The Three of Us said...

How fun! To infinity and beyond.................. Love it! And what a creative pumpkin. I think you guys should have won.

Erica said...

Peyton looks too cute! Love the pumpkin!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

never mind 8 years garet, how about 38! i can't believe you didn't win with your pumpkin. musta been rigged. hey for trick or treat you can make chicken wings as bat wings. add black gel food coloring....creepy!

Sandel said...

Peyton made the best Buzz ever!!!

Sada said...

love the pumpkin!! Way good job!!