Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miss Artsy Fartsy!!!

My first masterpiece!
My talented friend, Teresa, had her first paint class! She taught us how to paint a fall painting and they all turned out soooo cute!
Crazy girls!!! I think yall need to say "CHEEEEZZZZ!"
Teresa is so talented! Look at the bats full of candy at each place....
And her cute ghosts that she made!!!

Our sweet teacher...Mrs. Teresa. Teresa is a second grade teacher and she treated us like we were her little kids. She even allowed us to have snacks while our paintings were drying! She cracks me up! I had a great time! Thanks Teresa!

The "special" table! (They were a little slow!)

Our finished projects!!! Aren't they CUTE?


The 5 of Us said...

Okay, I want to come to the next paint party. That looks so cool. Actually it would be cool to have Tyler a paint birthday party. You all did a great job!!!! Glad you had fun, you deserved it.

Sada said...

seriously those are adorable. At first I thought you made the design up all by yourself Carrie Rose! Then I realized Ms. (perfect painter) Teresa helped you guys. Really great job!! Sorry I missed it :(

ko said...

they all turned out so cute!! :) we were the special table! :) HAHAHA! That was a blast! Cant wait for the next one!! :) It was great to see you!!!!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

for SURE i would have been at the 'super slow' table.. no way mine would have come out as professionally as y'alls! how impressive!