Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ohhhh Jane....

GrandJane...Look what I learned how to do!!!! Don't worry...Denise hid the recipe from me! She just taught me the BASICS!!! Folks, the recipe is top family secret!
My friend, Denise, taught me how to make homemade spaghetti sauce! I cook all the time, but I never made homemade sauce! So, we made a bunch! It was fun, very good and very economical! We made enough to freeze up for several meals!

I LOVE learning new things from my friends!
This is one HONKIN can of tomato sauce!
(Peyton was our photographer! )
So, how about you? Do you make homemade sauce? Are you freezin up things for the Great Depression? Yikes!


Erica said...

Ok seriously I think I'm in withdrawals from not seeing my Madisonville friends! Spaghetti sauce sounds soooo good right now!

Sada said...

looks like fun girls!!!

ko said...

yummy!! YUMMY! How fun is that!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

ok.. i can see that Denise is cheating on a couple things. I'll have to get on her.. OR maybe she's just not telling you everything. hope it turned out ok or i'll be in trouble! it does freeze REALLY well! i'll have to replenish her penzey's spices.. go buy some of the frozen ravioli (in the freezer section at kroger's) it's nearly as good as fresh pasta. or as they say in canada..PAST-a. Hope you and your guys enjoy!