Friday, October 17, 2008

Calling ALL interior decorators....

I need your help! I don't care who you are! Please help me FINISH this project! I know that some of my dear friends have given me some advice, but I need you to hold my hand and walk me through this! I took my shower curtain to JoAnn Fabric's and left crying and empty handed!!! I was sooo overwhelmed!!! I'm not good with fabric!!!! I need all of my fantastic, fabulous, funky fabric friends!!! This is my new paint color! Thanks Mr. Dale Dean!
This is my new shower curtain! (When I say NEW...I mean 3 months! Pathetic, I know) Your suppose to be helping me, not judging me!

This is my cute new lamp and my new counter top. My plan is to frame my huge mirror with a pretty dark frame.

This is my funky window. I will be taking my fabulous fabric to the ceiling to make my funky window look normal! (Ooops...excuse the Lysol can! Hey...I've had a child puking...give me a break!)

Can you believe I've lived for 3 months with an unfinished bathroom!Encourage me!!! Please help me finish!!! I'm on my knees and begging!
This is where my cute cafe curtain hangs with the cute fabric.
Can you picture it?The open space on the right is a door that needs to be hung! I need to buy more hinges!
So, do I need another patterned fabric?
Do I need a solid fabric?
Do I need a textured fabric?
Where do you buy your fabric?
Do you have a favorite fabric store or do you shop online?
I'll be going to the BIG city again this weekend and I'm going to attempt this again!
Please help a sista out!
Pretty please with cherries on top!!!!


Anonymous said...

How 'bout you get that dead beat husband of yours to get off his butt and do something

spanki said...

carrie!! it totally just came to me! i so can see what that room me, i've got almost everything to finish it...well, except for the cabinets!! i so see it!!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

ha ha! your blog stalker has the hots for you. doesn't he/she know that boyz don't usually do fabric!?? but look at spanki..she's all set! go spanki!