Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm informed!!!

If you are not into decorating and's a little funny story for you!
(You know who you are!)
My youngest son recently informed me that his "thingy" swings back and forth when he brushes his teeth without underwear! He was very serious and demonstrated for me afew times!
He acts just like his daddy!
Kids are so entertaining!
Have a super weekend!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

ha ha ho ho giggle giggle snort. BOYS! At least he was not on the GIRLS bathroom at the ballfield sayin, "WELL WHAT IS THAT ON MY PENIS? OG IT JUST FELL ON MY TESTICLE!" I acted like he was not my kids. don;t go judgin

Erica said...

Oh Lordy that just gave me a good laugh!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Boyz are a species unto themselves! country girls's comment is hysterical too!

abigfan said...

Hey, that happens to me all the time, whatz a guy to do?

Brandy said...

How funny!
and my fiance wants all boys! Pray for me!
Are you getting Country Girls shoes?!? She is kinda a "blog celebrity around here" :)
I wish I was a 6!