Sunday, August 24, 2008

My 100th POST!!!!! Let's celebrate!!!

Wow!!!! That's right! It's my 100th post! I started this blogging thing back in Dec. 2007. My sweet sister, Lisa, introduced me to it. I had NEVER heard the word blog before! I would introduce you to my sister, but her profile is private! Probably smart, but it's so much more fun livin on the wild side! I did NOT want to do this bloggin thing at all, but I really enjoyed keeping up with my far away family! It's a great way to keep intouch! Here we are 8 months later and I'm addicted! Is there BA for blogger anonymous? I LOVE seeing how others live their lives. I've met some FUN, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, WISE, WONDERFUL people! (I'll post more about these people this week!) So, for my 100th post here is 100 things about me......

1. I've been married for 11 years.
2. I have 2 boys.
3. I live in a small Texas town.
4. I graduated in 1992.
5. I was a dental assistant for 6 yrs. ~ Loved dentistry! Would like to go back someday!
6. I'm a SAHM! (kinda!)
7. I work 2 days a week doing accounting/paperwork for an oilfield supply co.
8. Favorite color is red.
9. Birthday is June 3.
10. I'm the oldest of 3 children.
11. brother ~ Coy
12. sister ~ Lisa
13. I love fall!
14. I love Orbit Sangria gum.
15. Love to cook!
16. Love to bake!
17. I'm a germ freak...Germex is my best friend!
18. I've pulled the gas pump out of the tank before!
19. I teach 7th & 8th grade girls SS. I'm not a great teacher...I like to lead!
20. Bunco night is my favorite night of the month!
21. Love Sundays.
22. Love Sunday afternoon naps!
22. I enjoy a good sermon!
23. I'm a sensitive person!
24. I'm very outgoing!
25. I'm a people pleaser!
26. I LOVE to have a good time!
27. I have blue eyes!
28. Mexican food is my favorite!
29. I love mint chocolate chip icecream!
30. I'm addicted to blogging!
31. I like to grocery shop!
32. I miss someone terribly right now!
33. I like to read ~ when I have time!
34. I'm kind of a drama queen! Sorta!
35. I was chased by a dead, bloated turtle Friday at the park!
36. I like going to the park.
37. Bowling on the WII is the best!
38. I like for things to be tidy!
39. Love to have a clean house!
40. Love to burn candles!
41. I've been blessed with lots of friends!
42. Love meeting new people.
43. Love Beth Moore!
44. I enjoy being involved in women's ministry!
45. Went on my first cruise this year! Had a grand time!
46. I sell MarkKay cosmetics!
47. I have 4 nieces and 5 nephews... soon to be 6 nephews.
48. I hate exercise!
49. My husband ran the Houston marathon last year.
50. I'm a girly girl!
51. I enjoy arts n crafts!
52. I'm working on managing my time better!
53. Love to play chickenfoot.
54. I really like to play candyland with Peyton.
55. I tend to start projects and not finish them if they get hard. I'm working on several
unfinished projects!
56. I love old houses!
57. I really love all things old. ~ old photos, old quilts, old kitchen utensils, antiques.
58. I like to cook in my crockpot.
59. love to watch movies.
60. There's nothing like coffee, good creamer and good friends!
61. I like to scrapbook, but never have time! I'm working on this!
62. My nickname is boog ~ like booger. Don't ask!
63. I love perky pimiento cheese sandwich's from Pecan Grove.
64. Sonic blackberry tea is something else I'm addicted to right now.
65. Me and a good friend, Jana, are starting a food and science club. (Cooking class)Part of 4H.
66. Genealogy is something I'm interested in.
67. I like jewelry.
68. Canton, Tx. is great to visit!
69. I hate to paint! I'm not good at it!
70. I hate doing 5th grade homework!
71. I'm afraid of heights.
72. I'm afraid of loosing my loved ones!
73. Snowcones are great!
74. Cancer is a scary thing!
75. I love my boys big, brown eyes!
76. I like to do laundry.
77. I'm NOT a morning person, but I WANT to be! I'm working on this too!
78. I'm a backseat driver! I hate how my husband drives!
79. I just got my first speeding ticket in 12 years! I'm a granny driver now!
80. My car is not clean.
81. I like to do yard work!
82. I have naturally CURLY hair!
83. I'm enjoying having short, straight hair at this point in my life!
84. I need to loose 10 pnds. Weight Watchers here I come...again! Seriously!
85. I can't sing, but I love to sing!
86. I'm blind!
87. I'm starting to get grey hair!
88. No tatoos on me. My husband has enough for both of us! Looks like he just broke out of
89. I love volunteering. At church and school! Like to be involved!
90. I met my husband in a bar! Don't tell anyone!
91. This baptist girl likes to dance!
92. I'm content!
93. I wish there was more time in each day!
94. I'm sorta scatter brained! I have a lot on my mind these days! I hate feeling this way, but
it's true! Maybe I need drugs!
95. I take vitamins faithfully!
96. I HATE going to the female Dr. HATE IT!!!! HATE IT!!!! HATE IT!!!!
97. I love my mom!
98. I love bubble baths!
99. I worry a lot! I'm better than I used to be, but there is still room for improvement!
100. I want to be more knowledgeable in God's word! I want to be a WISE WOMAN someday!

So...are you bored out of your mind? Well, I hope not! Now comes the FUN PART!!!! Leave a comment telling my something about yourself! If I know you, leave a comment about something I DON'T know about you already! There will be a drawing on Aug. 30 and everyone's name ON THIS POST will be entered! I LOVE BLOGGING! Yippeee for 100 posts! Good Luck!


Sada said...

how totally fun! Auburn ran the marathon???!! wow -- I didn't know that! I think a woman with 100 things to tell is a woman with a full life!

The thing about me......I sucked my thumb until I was in 3rd grade and I was homecoming queen at Spring High School (not for looks -- I tell myself it must have been for personality :P)

ko said...

I know you love laundry, but it still totally freaks me out...that is WIERD!!!!! I think you might just know everything about me!!!! ummmmmmmm..let me think...............
i peed in the bed for a VERY long 7th grade! Wierd I know!!!
love ya....I'll ship out your prize in the morning!

Jana Corley said...

How fun! About me...let's see...i played tuba in the marching band once....

spanki said...

you are a very interesting lady carrie rose! oh, let me see...what can i/ should i tell you about me...i clean the inside of my vacuum and the guts of my washing machine, but won't touch the garbage disposal! and i wash my car on average once- twice a week!! obsessive???

Lacy said...

I love it Carrie. Great Post. I learned alot and loved reading it all. I was looking at you at church today and you (I didnt get to talk to you) looked so happy and great. One thing about me is I really dont like other peoples feet!!

Sandel said...

I love that I actually know most of our 100 list. I am blessed to have your sweet, fun, encouraging spirit in my life. Well believe it or not I have some of your OCD, I have to immediately germx my hands or I freak after pumping gas. Other than that I am boring and you know all my goods.

The Rose Fam said...

Gee,I didn't know you hate my driving. And my tats are works of art not prison tramp stamps.# 101....I'll NEVER TELL???????

Erica said...

What a fun, interesting post! Hmm something random about me...I like to pick up things off the floor with my toes! Haha! Your germophobia would probably hate that! Oh and by the way, I got that console table at the Sam Houston Antique Mall on the Huntsville square, they have a TON of stuff, good place to shop.

The Three of Us said...

I want to be in the drawing, but I seriously cannot think of anything you don't know about me.....hmmmm...............hmmmmm.............hmmmm.......... nope, nothing is coming to mind. Let me think on it.

The Three of Us said...

I want to be in the drawing, but I seriously cannot think of anything you don't know about me.....hmmmm...............hmmmmm.............hmmmm.......... nope, nothing is coming to mind. Let me think on it.

The Three of Us said...

I want to be in the drawing, but I seriously cannot think of anything you don't know about me.....hmmmm...............hmmmmm.............hmmmm.......... nope, nothing is coming to mind. Let me think on it.

The Rose Fam said...

Lisa... you are a dork!!!! Did you mean to comment three times or are you trying to get your name in the drawing three times! Nice try sister!

The Three of Us said...

Oops.....didn't mean to do that, but that sure is a great ideas sister. Who was doing this blogging thing first?!?!?!?!

Deanna said...

1st. Can only use the long fork to eat.
2nd. Can't stand to touch the gas pump handle thingy.
3rd. Will only scroll up on the remote (yes, that means I go from channel 5 all the way to 1 million to get to 4!)
4th. Wash my hands 10 million times a day!
5th. I am on a first name and no need to tell my order basis @ Sonic!! Now you know why I am single!! HAHAHA

MamaBird said...

Congrats on your 100th post! It was so fun reading your list...what a cool idea. I am also a bit of a germ freak, and like Erica, I am known to pick up things with my toes!

Here are a couple of other quirky things about me (the only other ones I care to admit in public):
1. I prefer to walk my mail into the post office rather than drop if off in the outdoor mailbox, and
2. I like to have my towels and washcloths stacked so all of the folded sides line up...
a bit OCD, perhaps...but I've found a (semi) cure: having a toddler in the car that doesn't like getting back into the carseat and who enjoys throwing my clean, nicely folded and stacked laundry around the house!

sara's art house said...

I thought I had commented on this post already....but I guess not, I better hurry. I want to be entered in the drawing!!!!!

Here is something you probably don't know about me- my middle name is Gail. Thanks for the 100 things about you- very fun!

teresa said...

Okay, I left you something on my withbrushinhand blog! Maybe this is OCD, but I have to have the toilet paper roll on where you roll from the top not underneath!

freida0838 said...

I have a lot of hidden talent. Just don't double dog dare me to show them off. I also laugh out loud at myself when I alone just thinking of the memories we made while I was there............

blessed momma said...

Hi Carrie, this is so cool! My first time blogging. You are an amazing, fun spirited lady and I am looking forward to getting to know you. I don'tthink I could do a 100 item list on myself right now, thats talent sweetie. The thing about myself is I have a hard time relaxing. I always find something else to clean or organize. I love to watch t.v but do it maybe twice a month. I do pick up a book or two a couple times a day and read a few pages. I am happy that I make myself do that, LOL. Thanks, this was fun!