Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you see what I see????

This was our exciting morning!
Peyton went to put on his shoes and had a surprise in his shoe!!!
"Mom! Mom! Come quick! There is a HUGE frog in my shoe and my toes touched it!"
I spy something very camouflaged! I spy something with two eyes lookin back at me! I spy something green and slimy! I spy something that does NOT belong in a SHOE!!


This frog will a little bigger than a tree frog! This toad was the size of my hand !
I'm so glad he camped out in his shoe and NOT mine!!!
Once the little toad was freed, he ran behind the fridge...around the fridge...into the case of DP...and finally out the door!

The toad was FINALLY freed after a WILD goose chase and a lot of laughs!

I just have one question.....

How did a freakin toad get INSIDE my HOUSE????????



Lacy said...

Hilarious Carrie! I am glad it wasnt me..I would have freaked out!

The Three of Us said...

Oh my! No frogs here. Only black widows............

ko said...

that is hilarious! OH MY..I would have cried for days and days....Only a boy would be that excited about that!!!:) Not to long ago Dave put his bare foot in his workboot outside their back door and what was inside A MOUSE! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I ate one of your fav foods tonight...AvAcado!

freida0838 said...

08Memories, precious memories, sure glad your Mom wasn't around as she has had enough memories this past month, happy ones of course.
Love, Aunt Freida

Erica said...

I can just picture you trying to run a frog out of your house!! Haha!

spanki said...

the carrie i know has just cleaned the floor for the 789th time!! ewww, frogs! the things little boys love!

Sada said...

I love frogs! Fun --- last year @ Garner on our way from one swim spot to another I drove with a frog in my water shoes (they were in the trunk, not on my feet) from place to place! Luckily I saw the BIG OLE toad before I put my shoe on -- he he!

Sandel said...

I am with spanki, I am sure you have disinfected your floors a million times by now. Love ya