Saturday, August 16, 2008

Butter Pecan Rum...Yummmm!!!!!!

The next time you go to your local grocery store you MUST pick up a box of Betty Crocker butter pecan cake mix! There is a secret recipe on the back of this box! Butter Pecan is to die for! I have made it twice this week and it was a hit! Trust me on this one!
The only thing I did differently from the recipe was the icing. I never buy icings for my bundt cakes. I just use powdered sugar and pour in my liquid till I get the right consistency. ( Milk, rum, orange juice, lemon juice...whatever flavor cake I'm doing.) It takes very little liquid and a lot of sugar for a very stiff icing! So, for this cake I used rum!!! Yummm~O!!!!
Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE making things from scratch! I LOVE homemade! (Honestly, I like to pretend I'm a pioneer woman!) BUT, when I find recipes that are easy, beautiful, delicious and from a BOX....they're a KEEPER!!!
This cake is a KEEPER!
I hope you are able to add it to your recipe collection!
Happy Saturday to ya!


sara's art house said...

OK that looks soooo yummy. You have convinced me- I will have to try it!

ko said...

i am so there! I will buy it today for sunday lunch..AFTER I TAKE SERGIO TO THE AIRPORT>>>BOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO
have a great saturday!

Sada said...

yummy!!!!!!! I will definatley try it. I love getting new ideas/receipes........thanks for the tip!!!

spanki said...

now that is what i am talking about! you were such a tease the other night, and i have been on here checking, and waiting, yippie! now i must go get that recipe!!

Erica said...

Oh man that looks goooooood!

MamaBird said...

That looks so, so good! All the recipes/food ideas that you pass on are so good...I'm definitely going to make that. I was just trying to remember how you made your icing for the cake we had at the bunco I attended...thanks for the tips! Robin