Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bunco, Boa's and...Banana's?

Our sweet little Salena is getting married next month, so we decided to have some fun with her at this month's Bunco! We showered her with pretties and some...NOT so pretties! We laughed until we cried! Did I mention that Salena is our .... church secretary?
Oh WOW...I think I recognize that! (Don't worry...I got it back! I was an Indian giver. Gave it to her for a laugh, but had to get it back! I just can't part with it!)

The Cheetah girls!!!!!


Salena doing some modeling for us! Oh my...those things are little!
Those would get soooo LOST on me! Sorry babe!

Oh WOW!!!! I FINALLY WON!!! Salena (her banana) and I were a HOT team tonight!
10 WINS!
Annette and Jodi fed us really well and as always...we had a great time!
Love ya Bunco girls!
Can't wait for our date next month!


sara's art house said...

That was a funny post. Wish I could have been there :)

spanki said...

oh i am so jealous! and bitter, not only did you win, you won a fantastic prize!!

Erica said...

Oh my that was a fun night!

teresa said...

Well shoot! Looks like I missed a good one! I love your purse. Congratulations!

ko said...

toooo cute! Selena's face is priceless!!!! I wont ask any questions about the banana!!!! ANYWAY, have a great week!
SO glad you were so thrilled to win! You should be getting your prize! Handmade just for you!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

I love your alliteration..BBB.. and your mountain quote.. you'll never reach your goal if you don't start climbing.. just one step at at time... we need to get Country Girl up for bunco

Sada said...

Y'all are hilarious! What a fun night!! I LOVE Salena and I'm so happy for her. I will be there at her shower in Sept. LOVE LOVE the purse too.....I love winning -- way to go!xoxo

spanki said...

visit my blog... there is something for you!!

ko said...

ok, your gift should make it to your house tomorrow night sometime, I will tell the "carrier" to leave it on the gate if you arent home!!!