Friday, August 22, 2008

Look what WII got!!!

This summer Garet started really asking for a WII. I said NO, NO and HECK NO! You are crazy! We are NOT spending that kind of money on a game system! My kids do not have everything new that comes out! It takes us awhile to catch up with the electronic world, but we are OK with that! Garet's first Nintendo was bought from a friend! He was 5 or 6 and it was fine for him! He didn't know any better! Two years ago, we bought a Gamecube. This was the worst buy for us because they really don't make new games for Gamecubes anymore! Bad buy for us! Well, this summer Garet saved all of his money and earned enough for a WII. He saved all of his birthday money. He gets up with Auburn on Saturday mornings and mows the yard. He vacumed a lot for Mimi and really is a great helper! So, I let him spend ALL of his money! Every last bit! The money was burning a whole in his pocket! So, we headed to the big city!
First stop....Super WalMart!!!! He was so excited!!! We left with NO WII!!!

We traveled to big city Toys R Us...nada!

We traveled to big city Target....absolutely nothing!

FINALLY.... we get our WII. Right here in our little WalMart in our little town. No folks, we don't have a Super WalMart. We still have the old school WalMart. When I'm looking for something specific, they NEVER have it! When I go to the big city looking for it, it's right under our nose! Go figure! We are just happy we have it! Can you tell?

My boys created my "MII"! They gave her some BLING, BLING glasses!
Does she look like me?

Woo~Hoo!!! Friday night bowling at the Rose Alley! Now all we need are some disco lights!

OK peeps....I know I look like an idiot, but everytime I put my HOP into it ~ STRIKE!!!

Look out! Daddy has got the moves!


No gutter balls from Garet! He is already a pro bowler in 5 days! Wow!
(He is standing over my shoulder telling me what to type!)

Peyton is REALLY good at boxing! Look out Rockie!
So... we are REALLY impressed with this game! It is a blast for ALL of us! I highly recommend it! It would be a great Christmas gift for the whole family!
(If you don't already have one b/c we are simply behind times!)


Lacy said...

LOve the air shots!!! How fun. I want guys look like your having so much fun!

spanki said...

your mii looks just like you! auburn actually uses real form... who knew he was a bowler from way back!! you on the other hand... i won't go there, pictures say it all! haha!! baylen has seen this post and wants to have a rose vs mills wii olympics...bring it!!

Erica said...

How fun! Looks like the Rose family is enjoying their new Wii! I soooo want to come play, I haven't gotten to play on a Wii before!

Sada said...

How fun! Your pictures are hilarious! It's no wonder your children are so fun and animated -- you and Auburn are their parents!!!

I just found out yesterday what a "MII" is -- it looks great!

I played bowling once at my sister's. It was super fun. I can totally see how these kids (and adults) get hooked to these things!

sara's art house said...

Cute pictures! I love bowling on the Wii- I do much better than real life :)

MamaBird said...

HOW FUN IS THAT!!! It just goes to show you...sometimes "old school" (as in your Walmart) is the only way to go! oh...and your MII looks great...LOVE it!
Love, Robin

Jana Corley said...

Casey spent his money on a Wii too! We love it! He got Carnival and an Avitar game for his birthday, but my favorite is still bowling! His favorite is Carnival, and Caleb's favorite is boxing. Mike doesn't get a chance to play very much, but we all love it. We need to have a Wii party--did you know you can load your Mii into your remote, and take it with you to play on someone else's Wii?

Sandel said...

I guess I am definitely behind the times. Looks like so much fun!!!! Maybe we could do a girls bowl night and pay garet for the use of it. Love ya
I am still laughing over Tyler chasing you with the turtle.

ko said...'ll be addicted! WE are.....Hillarious pics.....sprry for the mix up, my "special carrier" didnt work out like I thought..So i'll mail out your gift monday!!!! SORRY

~Wilkerson Family~ said...

You will have to add the wii fit, that is lots of fun too. I hope no one can see in our window when we are hula hooping!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

WE even want a Wii! and now they have a fitness Wii - and we don't even have any kids up here... but IF they come visit it'd be good to have. oh..Saaaanta?? I love your virtual self..very stylin'! When CG comes we can all have a bowlin' night..(i think i'd be better at tennis though)