Sunday, July 20, 2008

A trip of a lifetime...

Disney we come!!!!! OK, OK, THEY come!!!!

I'm so jealous!!!

Oh look... it's Cinderella's castle!

Downtown Disney!

Deborah, Logan, Garet and Whitney enjoying a day at Universal! Well, I guess they were enjoying their day. But, what do I know? I wasn't there!

What a great trip for these boys!

The sword in the stone!

In Downtown Disney there was a Lego store! Everything was made out of legos! This was one of Garet's favorite parts of the trip! He goes all the way to Florida and buys MORE Legos! Go figure! This dinosaur is ALL LEGOS!

I would love to take my boys to Legoland in Cali. Anyone ever been?


Universal Studios! Something stinks!

Jurassic Park!!! You all look alittle to mellow to be in such danger!

Look out Deborah!!!

Huh? I thought you guys went to Florida, not Margaritaville!
It looks like Logan has had one to many!

The view from the condo ! How nice!

Oh my... this chick taught Garet how to boogy board!

The Robinson's were able to visit family while they were away! Garet met new friends! Sure looks like they had a great time!
Garet, I told you to look out for sharks...not play with them!

We have hidden talents here at the Rose household! We are great Elvis impersonators! I clean house to Elvis!!! OK... someone buy Logan a pair of sunglasses! Cracks me up! Too bright? No problem! He just closes his eyes!
On the road again! I just can't wait to get on the road again!

PLEASE HELP!!! How do you thank sweet friends for taking your son on a trip of a lifetime? They have been so gracious! They spoiled him rotten for two weeks and I would really love to do something special for them! Any suggestions?


Lacy said...

You are the best gift giver and so crafty! Anything you do will be adorable.

Erica said...

What fun pictures! Looks like everyone had a great vacation, one day we'll both get to go to Disneyworld Carrie!

spanki said...

carrie, you always make the cutest things, and you are a great cook, maybe, since they just spent a week with kids all around, a date night would be nice, or a gift card to a spa, or a LARGE pitcher of margaritas...oh, wait, that is what i would need after a week with kids!! but, post what you decide, i just love your ideas!! (don't you like my run on?)

ko said...

I am so glad he had so much fun....and what a great age! You will come up with something FANTASTIC! :)

Sada said...

What wonderful people they are! I'm so glad Garrett got to enjoy!

Sada said...

oops -- sorry I miss spelled -- Garet :)

fkkrodz15 said...

God has blessed you with special people in your lives and you have blessed others. Just pass on the blessings! It is a great feeling when you can bless others! Just a suggestion you scrap book you & Garet make them a memory book that will mean more to them than anything you buy. I am with the others baking is great idea and you are a wonderful baker!! Sometimes we can not repay the kindness someone has shown us but we can always pass it on!! God blessing to you all! Take care!