Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebrating 80 years life!

Happy birthday Grandma!!! Grandma turned 80 on Sunday and I was able to spend the afternoon with her! Up until 5 yrs. ago my grandma worked at the country club and led a full life! She was an amazing, strong, independent, vibrant, classy, wonderful woman! She has a heart as big as Texas and would give the shirt off of her back! That all changed with one flu shot and she has NEVER been the same! We have been through it with this woman ever since! Depression is a horrible thing! Her mind may have changed, but her heart is still the same! I have wonderful memories! Grandma was placed in a private home about 6 months ago. It's a comfortable, peaceful environment for her with around the clock care. Sunday was a good day! Our visit was good! She smiled and I actually heard her laugh and tell a FUNNY story! Her story went like this...."Miss Anna dropped her napkin at the dinner table one night this week. She leaned over to pick it up off the floor and Edith blew her nose at just the right time! There was an explosive sound and Miss Anna thought it came from her! She said it was the funniest thing that has happened since she moved there and she was the only "sane" one that got to enjoy the laugh!" Laughter is GOOD and it was so GOOD to hear it coming from my grandma again!
I love you Grandma!
We had cake and ice cream with the Golden Girls! These are the sweet ladies that my grandma shares a home with! It really reminds me of the Golden Girl show! I asked them to do silly faces and only Geanie participated! I also asked if they wanted to play chickenfoot with me...
no volunteers!
Aunt Freida discovered the lift chair! She was our entertainment! I definitely take after my Aunt Freida! My silliness is from her! She is to blame!

Grandma with some of her grandkids! Grandma is my only living grandparent now!

Mom, Grandma and Uncle Time...hangin out!

We do the best we can to entertain ourselves while visiting!

Silliness happens in the land of walkers, dentures, depends, potty chairs, medication, blood pressure cuffs, mushed up food, wheelchairs, and hearing aids!!!!
Someone recently didn't know I had a brother. Sorry Coy! I guess I always talk about Lisa and not Coy! Well...here he is! Isn't he cute?
He's single and I'm looking for a wonderful, cute, adorable, nice, amazing sister-n-law!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions?


Sandel said...

your mother looks just like her, they are both beautiful.

smorris said...

Don't pass out Carrie - but I figured it out!!!
This is for Coy and any interested parties!!!
Coy is and always will be my hero! If it hadn't been for Coy, I certainly would have lost my mind that day in Sam's Club (7 years ago - can you believe it has been that long Coy?)when Cort went missing. Thanks again Coy!!!!

The Three of Us said...

Oh, my sweet family! This makes me so sad to live far away at special times like these. I absolutely can't wait to be there with you guys next week. Love you sister! Happy 80th Grandma. Can't wait to introduce you to your fourth great grandson.

ko said...

ahhh..i remember your grandma! I am glad you were able to celebrate with her! :) How sweet!

Erica said...

Aww fun birthday celebration! Too bad any of those ladies wouldn't take you up on chickenfoot! Hah!

fkkrodz15 said...
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fkkrodz15 said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I am so glad Mom was there for entertainment. Never a dull moment with her around she is always good for a laugh or two or more!! Yes it does run in the family, you are a lot like her not a bad thing when it comes to making people laugh and always laugh at yourself, she always taught us that! Happy 80th Birthday Aunt Norma!! I wish I could have been there. I know it is hard sometimes with her but you are doing the right thing remember the good times and pass those stories on to your kids! She is still the same somewhere in side. She looks good! Give her a big kiss & a hug from us. Love you guys! God has a plan!