Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Do you like my cute, new sign that hangs in my cozy laundry corner?
It has some attitude, huh?
Well... in spite of what it says...someone did laundry ALL DAY! My family is sooo spoiled! They always have clean clothes! They laughed at my sign when I brought it home from Hobby Lobby! I know their maid personally! She is one awesome maid ! Gotta love her!
What did you do on this terrific Tuesday?


Jana Corley said...

I love it!

Erica said...

Cute sign! Today I got a job!

spanki said...

too cute! i am really close friends with our family maid too! i tell her all the time that she should get a new job, but for some reason she stays around!! sounds like you had a fun tuesday!!haha!! i ran errands...finally got my roots done!! and graded contest answers... and yours were not in there??? i am so bad at keeping secrets, i will post pics of the prizes today, i just can't stand to wait!!!

Sada said...

Very cute! I am the same way -- house clean, laundry done, and everyone bathed. I can't sit until it's all taken care of! yesterday i did a mini workout on the playground with Landon (I'm totally sore today!), cleaned the house, and went to the eye doctor where I HAD to spend WAY too much money -- it's robbery any more in this day and age!

Lacie said...

your comment on my page about baby #4 made me LOL....hahaha!
Jon would love the idea but...not gonna happen! I don't think I have the energy! We will settle for loving on Baby Zane when he gets here...I love to spoil my neices and nephews then send them back to their mama and daddy!
and...love, love, love the sign in the laundry room...I should get one of those for the maid in our house! you are too cute mrs. rose!
Smiles... Lacie B.

sara's art house said...

Cute sign. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!