Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Reading...

I just borrowed these books from a friend. I heard from two friends that they are amazing books. THEY ARE!!!! I wanted some good books to read this summer....Well, I already finished one! I even caught myself trying to read and cook at the same time last night! I love me some good reading material!!!! This is the Restoration series by Terri Blackstock. They are
christian fiction/suspense!!! I love a good action book with a wonderful message!!! I highly recommend this book! They will make you want to pick up an extra box of rice and beans every time you go to the grocery store. If you think we had it bad after Ike..... you MUST read these books!

Off to start my second book!
I never take time to read, but I am this summer!

Does anyone have any other recommendations since I'm almost through with my summer reading material in the first week! HA!
Happy reading and Happy Sunday!!!!


Erica said...

I have to read the Twilight series, all my friends at work have been hounding me to do it!

ko said...

i just might have to read these!!!! I have been wanting a good book for summer to read while we are at the pool!! :) Thanks for the suggestions!! :)

Anonymous said...

Carrie, did you ever read The Shack? I highly recommend that one - awesome book. Saundra