Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another year gone by.....

Gotta love MAXINE!!!!!!
She cracks me up!!!
OK....So....It's official....I'm in my mid~thirties!!!!
I'm actually half way to 70!!!!
As my sister says, "You can just round on up to 40!!!!"
I have had a little bit of trouble with this birthday....WEIRD!!!!
Birthdays have never had this effect on me before!
I just think how fast the time is going by and it makes me nervous!
(Mom and I)
I celebrated my birthday all week!
We celebrated at work, I celebrated with family and I celebrated with sweet friends!
I had a great week!
We went to see UP in 3D!!! Very good movie! I highly recommend it and we went to my favorite place....Berryhill Baja Grill for some yummy fish tacos!
Some of the men in my hubby and brother!
We ate, laughed and did a little reminiscing!!!!
If you are around my you remember when we actually tight rolled our jeans????
What were we thinking?????
Getting ready to make a WISH!!!!!!
Wishes really do come true!!!!
Do you like my cute apron?
It has a really cute ruffle!
Can't wait to wear it!
I was reminded this week that the important things in life are NOT THINGS!!!!!!
The people that choose to do life with me daily are what is important!
If you made my birthday special in any way.....THANK YOU!!!!
Summer is here!
Another year behind us!
Jr. we come!!!
We had an amazing year!
Garet just really thrived!!!!
I'm so grateful!!!!
5th grade awards ceremony
Garet received 3 awards....AR, UIL and mileage club.
Garet also received commenced performance on his Math and Science TAKS tests!
He also had all A's with just afew B's!!!!
What a difference a year makes!!!!

Hope you all have a safe and happy summer!!!!


Anonymous said...

35!!! NO WAY!!! Just wait another 15 then I can pass on to you the "JOLLY PECKER" ya'll so thoughtfully provided me! Hope your day was as SPECIAL as you are. T-Daddy

Lisa T. said...

cute pics! love ya sister!

ko said...

looks like you had a GREAT ONE! :)