Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing Like A Weed....

Peyton and his "brother" Daniel....
June 2008
One year later....
Peyton and Daniel...
June 2009!
I took this cute pic of the boys last night in Mr. Bailey's garden and remembered that I had one from last year too!
I am so excited....I've been garden sitting for my neighbors and I got to keep what I picked this week! AND....Daniel's sweet Grandpa is sending me goodies out of his beautiful garden! I have tons of squash! Yum~O!!!
By the way, I picked two Siamese squash this week! HA! You should've seen them!
I blanched for the first time today and put squash in the freezer! I'm so proud of myself!!!
Have a super weekend!
LUV, Carrie "the gardener"