Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun at the LAKE....

This is what SUMMER is all about!!!!!
Meet Mr. Jet ski!!!!

We wore this thing out!!!!!

8 boys......big and little!!!!

Don and Pam invited us to the lake and we accepted their invitation!

Dead man floating....aka Andrew!!!

It was HOT, but the lake cooled up off some!!!!

Thumbs up means FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!!

Waiting on a boat ride!

Thanks Don and Pam for a great day!!!!

We ALL had fun on this thing!!!!

Tyler fished all day......he never got tired of fishing!!!! He is addicted...seriously!


This was the BEST float ever! I would've gone to sleep, but I was afraid of floating away and no one telling me! They would have really liked that!!!!
There's that thumbs up again!!!

Auburn busted out his Michael Jackson box set and we jammed on the way to the lake, but he decided to dress like him as well!!! lol

MY TURN!!!!!

We ate it!!!! It was kinda my fault!!!! I was goofin off! I was laughing so hard....I almost really didn't get back on this thing out in the middle of the lake!!!! It was quite the show!!!

The AMAZING porch that looks out onto the lake from three sides.....I LOVE IT!!!

That is the quietest the boat dock has been ALL day!
What a fun day and what a beautiful sunset!
Thank you Lord for pretty sunsets and good friends!!
(Jana, how did you skip out on my pics! Your bday is Mon. I'll get ya!)


Sandel said...

So glad that you got a turn :) That was such a great day!!!! Summer days our boys will always remember.

Erica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Jana Corley said...

I love all the pics! They are great. We really had a great time. Caleb was so upset when he had to leave. He could have partied all night. Thank you for keeping me out of the pics!!!!

Lisa T. said...

nothing beats summer lake days!

ko said...

How fun! Looks like a GREAT TIME!!!! The lake is what put me in this mess this week!!!!!! Oh I love it though!!!!!!!!Glad it wwas fun!

MamaBird said...

That looks like so much fun! Love the pics...glad you didn't float away!