Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby, it's HOT outside!!!!

It's officially summer and it's HOT!!!!! It's really been HOT here in our part of Texas for weeks now and no rain!!!! No rain in sight!!!! We are suppose to reach 103 this week!!! I think I might melt! The boys talked me into snowcones this weekend! They didn't have to ask too much because I LOVE ME SOME SNOWCONES!!!!
Bubblegum for Garet!!!

Peyton got Watermelon and I got wedding cake!!!! Yumm~O!!!!!!!!

What's your favorite flavor?

Nothing says SUMMERTIME quite like a SNOW CONE!!!!!
We have the BEST snowcone lady in town!!!! We may be giving her lots of business this summer! Happy Summer!!!!!


Jill said...

You aren't going to believe this, but I just want plain ice! Weird--I know. Have you heard about the sno-cone machines from Wal-Mart. Even our Wal-Mart has them for 18.88 and they make really really good ice for sno-cones. Might be worth looking in to!!

Lisa T. said...

cute pic of those boys. can't wait to see you guys in a less than two weeks! cole keeps asking me about it. :) he misses him some peyton!

Sandel said...

Yum, I may have to leave the house and go get one.