Saturday, May 23, 2009

School's out for SUMMER...for Peyton atleast!!!

Ms. Connie always knows how to throw a great party!
She is sitting in her new, fancy chair! Don't be falling asleep Ms. Connie!
Dan the Man!
Pie eating contest!
How do I get talked into these things?
Pools full of bubbles!
Yummy treats to eat!
Coop sporting his green beads, green Pop and green hair!!!
Trent's apple has his name on it!
Look out we come!
The fishing booth was very popular!

and Pinatas!
Peyton hanging out with The Little Mermaid!

Thanks Ms. Connie for all of the great, fun, wonderful memories!!!!
You are the BEST!
We love you and we will never forget you!
Thanks for helping make us who we are today!


Sandel said...

I miss Ms. Connie and those great parties. My kids will always love her too.

Anonymous said...

What great pics!! I was sad that i couldn't make it. Have you figured out how to email pics yet? If so will you send me a copy of the pic with all the kids and Connie...and the one with Coop and his green hair. Thanks girl, Shanna