Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you are local.....

Need help in the kitchen? Are you tired and exhausted? Don’t have time to bake for special functions, family gatherings, school, work, church or YOURSELF??? Let me HELP!

Strawberry pies for sale!
$7.00 each or two for $12.00
Please place your orders by Wed, May 27.
Pies will be ready Fri, May 29.
These pies are yummy, icebox pies ~ Great for the freezer!

Hi friends! Are you wondering what I’m doing? Well, last week a sweet friend gave me a great idea! This friend called me and said she needed a cake baked. There was just one problem…she was way too busy to bake it! She knows how much I love to bake and offered to pay me! I was honored and glad to do it for her! So, I’m playing around…and BAKING!!!! I know that some of you are WONDERFUL cooks and don’t need my help at all, BUT if you would pass this around….I would really appreciate it! Spread the word! Thanks for your help!
(PS~ If this goes well….I may have banana bread next week! I’ll let ya know!)

Thought this was commical!
Can you relate?


ko said... favorite!!!!!! to bad I dont live in mads anymore!! :) love all of your pics! )


Leslee said...

I couldnt find your email addy so I'll reply here. :) My grandpa lives there...his last name is DuBose. My cousins used to live there & their last name is Morgan. If you pass walmart & pass the "town" there used to be a car wash on the right...they lived on a road after that to the right. Did you get all that??? hahah I have no idea what road it was...I can just point. lol I love the small town feel there. :) Is the Texas Burger still open??

spanki said...

what a great idea! oooh i can not wait until you start selling home cooked dinners too! haha! my family will love you forever!