Friday, May 1, 2009

Kindergarten already???

Last Friday night, our family celebrated Peyton's Pre~K graduation!
We ate dinner at Toots and Bodine's with my family and went back for dessert with Auburn's family! We love that place! For those of you who know my Aunt Freida.....I had to take a picture in front of the Toots and Bodine's sign! hehehe
Love ya so much Aunt Freida! So glad you were here!
The program was precious! There was children dressed according to each month of the year!
Miss Valentine, the Easter bunny, Johnny Appleseed, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, etc. So cute!
There is the Thanksgiving Indian, Joseph and Christopher Columbus!
My wild Indian picking his feet during the program! We kept having a wardrobe malfunction! His headband kept falling! At one point it was a blindfold and pushing his ears straight out! I think we were all laughing so hard...we didn't get a pic!
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Back in 1492.
They had three ships that sailed away....
that's why we celebrate Columbus Day!
(Something like that!)
Little Miss Valentines!
We heard all that the kids have learned all year!
Alphabets, colors, songs, alphabet in Spanish, numbers in Spanish and lots of Bible verses!

They sang their hearts out!
After the program, it was time for graduation!
Peyton receiving his diploma from Miss Connie!
Kindergarten here we come!
I can not believe it!

Peyton was a celebrity for the day! He had to take many pics with the fam!
Peyton and Grammy Rose!
We are so thankful for a supportive family!
Each one of them made Peyton feel so special!
Thanks everyone for making this day special for Peyton!
Our little graduate!
Seems like just yesterday we did this with Garet and now he is off to Jr. High! Weird!

Miss Connie has been such a blessing to our family! What an amazing teacher and friend! We will miss Miss Connie! No more babies for Miss Connie! That makes me a little sad!
I have never seen a child so excited for Kindergarten! He is soooo ready! He wants to do everything that his BIG brother does! We look forward to all of our Kindergarten adventures!
Well, we are off to Dallas for the weekend! Celebrating my nephew, Canon's, first birthday! Yes, I did say Dallas! Don't worry! There will be no pit stops in public places! Maybe on the side of the road, but not public! People better take care of their business before we get on the road! I have my antibactereal wipes and a gallon jug of Germ~X! We have a full tank, lots of snacks and a handy mask! There will be NO rolling down the windows going through Dallas and I've told my sister NO public places when we get there!
Stay safe and healthy!
Have a great weekend!


Kathy said...

congrats to our big man...sure hate I missed the big night.....glad to see some pictures....brings back memories of my two graduating from Mrs. Lynn's...sooo long ago :(

Erica said...

Aww, cute pictures of your little man. Have fun in Dallas!