Monday, May 4, 2009

Celebrating LIFE!!!!

This weekend we traveled to my sister's to celebrate my nephew's birthday!
Happy birthday Canon!
My sister always does good!
Little Red wagon theme!
Check out the donut wheels!
Uncle Coy fixed Canon's hair for his party!
Look out ladies!
Getting ready to dig in!
Make a wish!
We had a great weekend inspite of some REALLY BAD WEATHER, loss of power before the party, swine flu scares and a lost wallet! The same weather that tore through Dallas and collapsed the Dallas Cowboys practice field knocked out our power for awhile! The guys got busy hooking up the generator and the power came back on! Figures! I sneezed all weekend and instead of kindly saying "bless you" family was yelling "swine flu"! NICE!!!! Auburn lost his wallet, but didn't realize it until we left to come home. We pulled over, tore the car wallet. Went back to my sister's, tore the house wallet!!!! Made the trip back a call from a man in Dallas!!!! He found Auburn's wallet floating down the road in my sister's neighborhood! CRAZY!!!!
Take one!
Take two!

Take three!
My sister and her cute family!
(Take one only! It's impossible to get six kids looking and smiling at the same time!)

Party girls!
More party girls!
He may be only one, but he has some chest hair!
I don't normally let me kids jump on furniture, BUT.....after three days inside due to BAD weather....we did not care!
They destroyed this play room!
No blood, no puke....we are good to go!
Every time we visit my sister there is crazy weather! There has been wild fires, floods, ice, snow on Easter and now CRAZY thunderstorms!!!! What next Lisa?


Lisa T. said...

girl, you are on top of things. look at you already making a post. i have way too many pics from the weekend. i'm overwhelmed....
where are the pics we took on the stairs?

wow, it was a fun one! miss you guys so much today. wish we could do that everyday. can't tell you how many times cole has said that he misses peyton today. a million and one...........

Carrie said...

Lisa ~ We looked GAY on the stairs! Didn't like them! Didn't post them! Sorry! hehe!