Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day...Last Minute!!!!

I was sitting in my PJ's talking on the phone at 11:00 on Memorial Day! We were just hanging out and didn't have much planned! I was talking to my friend and she didn't have anything going on either! I talk to all of my friends quite frequently, but we hardly ever get to sit and visit! I thought....."This is ridiculous! We all have the day off and no one has anything going on....let's have a party!" So, at 4:00 we had around 30 people over! It turned into a big party! It was really funny! I never do stuff like this! I think everything has to be planned and perfect! Not anymore! I think last minute is best! So, if I talked to you and said that I didn't have anything going on....I did NOT lie....I promise!
The kids swam for 8 hrs. straight! They slept like ROCKS!!
My hubby! The cook and the Marine! Thanks honey for your service to our country! We celebrate you today!
I had to get a pic of my #1 reader....T Daddy!!! He never misses a post in this boring blog of mine!
Dana and Mr. Haden! We had 10 boys running girls!
The weather cooperated and it was a nice evening!
Laura and Pam!
Kathy, Anna and Steph...just a visiting!
We just started putting card tables in the yard and playing cards!
My new favorite game....31!
The guys threw some horseshoes!
I'm sooooo glad I got a wild hair!!!
Today we celebrated the country we live in, the men and women who serve and who have given their lives for our freedom, good food and special friends!
If you missed out.....I'm sooooo sorry!
We will be doing this again soon!
You never know when I'll be calling!
I've turned into a spontaneous girl....kinda!


Erica said...

Looks like a fun time, wish I was there!

ko said...

i am proud of your spontaneousness! GO CARRIE ROSE! Looks like fun!!!!!!!! :)