Monday, March 23, 2009's busy!!!!

Happy Spring Break!

It's so busy!
Got our fair baskets almost done! They are turning out super cute! Can't wait to post pics tomorrow! I went with a patriotic picnic theme for Garet's apple pie jam basket and we went with a monkey theme for Peyton's banana bread! I have such creative friends! Thanks for all of your ideas, trips to stores and bow making expertise! I love and appreciate you all so much! Hope our hard work pays off! cha~ching!

Garet has been busy working on his record book! We are so clueless! BUT, we are learning!

Worked in the yard all day Saturday....really enjoyed being outdoors!

The boys had fun playing in their first soccer games this weekend!

Watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Changeling! Good movies!

Had rootbear floats!

Worked afew hours this morning!

Doing lots of laundry!

Eating homemade sloppy joe's for dinner!

Drinking a big ole diet vanilla coke from Sonic! Yum!!!

Wishing we were at Disney World! Darn....maybe next year!


Erica said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of how they turn out!