Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Better Luck Next Time....

Garet before rabbit judging.
Doesn't he look handsome and so grown up?
Well, we did not have beginner's luck! This is our first animal project for the fair. We have been really clueless. We didn't know the first thing about rabbits, but it was a great project. We have learned so much today! We did not make it to the premium sale, but we are OK! The rabbits just needed more meat on them. We think we started giving them oats to soon. This has not been a bad experience for us at all! We will definitely give it another shot next year!
Garet learned a lot of responsibility. Getting up early to water, feed, keeping the rabbits warm, clean and away from harm! He had to deal with the death of a rabbit by himself. We are hoping for better luck next time! Congrats to all of our friends who did so well!
Garet was glad to see his Poppa this morning!

Rated PG 13!

It has been hard to determine the sex of our rabbits because we are clueless! Yes...that clueless! This morning Dad picked up at rabbit and HIS thingy popped out! Garet said, "Well, that one is a boy!" It was very funny! Our rabbits have been so good. They are abstaining! There were other rabbits today getting busy! Cages were shaking!
Moody judge doing her job!

Peyton and Zoey swingin from the rafters...literally!

This was the rabbit judge. She is from Moody, Tx.
Her personality matches her town!
She is one tough cookie!
Had to get a pic of her MOODY coat! HA!

Maybe next year!
I'm pooped! It's 7:30 and I'm going to bed!
Concession stand duty tomorrow! We will support all of our friends Fri. at the Premium Sale and we will be apart of the freezer sale on Sat.
Good Night!


Lisa T. said...

great job garet! you will know all of the ins and outs for next year buddy. glad to see dad made it up.

ko said...

WOW! GARET did a GREAT JOB! I am so glad your daddy came! That is wonderful! :) 7:30 bedtime....welcome to my world! :)

The 5 of Us said...

Awesome job! That is definitely one way to learn responsibility. You are the Best!!!!

MamaBird said...

Congrats to Garet for all his hard work...and even dealing with that poor dead rabbit.
I was cracking up at your lines about the busy rabbits, not knowing the sex of the rabbits, and Garet's "discovery"...glad that pic wasn't a close-up! ;)

MamaBird said...

p.s. oh my word...I found the info on Thomas the Train being in Grapevine...WE ARE GOING! I am so glad you mentioned it...J will be thrilled!

Carrie said...

We will be in Grapevine on Sun. Robin. Are yall going Sat. or Sun? I'll be looking for ya!