Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's fair time in TEXAS!!!

Today is the Food and Science Judging for our county fair! So....we have been cooking up a storm for 2 days! Peyton is entering crock pot candy, yummy gooey butter bars and Farm Chicks banana bread. Garet is entering our chocolate cake, pecan toffee tassies and apple pie jam!
Peyton doing the dishes for me! HA!
Atleast someone is getting to do the tasting around here today!

I hope my daughter~n~laws LOVE me someday!

"Mom, these bananas are BLACK?!?!"

PERFECT for yummy banana bread!
Peyton and I got up early this morning and made his Farm Chicks banana bread so that it would be warm for the judges!

This boy LOVES him some chocolate cake!
I could seriously make this several times a week! It doesn't last long!
I've done very good today! I've eaten oatmeal, a turkey sandwich and popcorn! I did NOT taste anything! Yikes!
We will find out this afternoon at 3:00 how we did!
We need to give a shout out to my Dad today.....
Happy 60th Birthday Dad!
Hope your day is HAPPY!
Love you!
Happy Saturday everyone! I'm going to REST!!!!


Lisa T. said...

Sweet pics of those boys cookin'! Teaching them well Carrie. Yes, one day your daughter in laws are going to love you a ton. But for many, many other reasons besides cooking..... raising them good sister!